Wedding Traditions in Islamic Countries

| February 26, 2015

The wedding is means that to bend the male and female into a relation under the Nikkah and blessings of Allah and with the prayers of parents and the relatives. In the Islamic religion, it is the Sunnat of the Holy Prophet (SAW). For a Muslim couple, it is compulsory to recite Nikkah to get marriage. Here we discuss about the wedding traditions in the different Islamic countries.

Islamic countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Sudan, turkey, and china, India, Afghanistan, Morocco, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Indonesia are have the tradition of the Nikkah before marriage. Then the Mehher is also compulsory for the Nikkah. In Mehher the groom pay the Maher to the bridle on the spot of the Nikkah and it is the right of the bridal.

The next day of the Nikkah, there is the relatives and public dinner or lunch party is called the Waleema. It is the public Celebrations for the new arrival bridal. The other celebrations like the mehndi, Ishtikara, imam-Zamin and barat are not the compulsory but they are done in some traditions.

china islamic countrie wedding tradition

islamic countrie wedding tradition after nikha

islamic countrie wedding tradition

Islamic Wedding Party


nagerian islamic countri wedding tradition

Nigerian wedding muslim Nikkai ceremony

pakistani islamic wedding

pakistnai islamic wedding in tradition style

saudi islamic countrie wedding in tradition style

turkish traditional islamic wedding

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