Various Uses of Flowers in Indian Weddings

| February 2, 2016

How Flowers can be used into Indian Wedding Decoration?

The relationship between flowers & wedding is very old. From the ancient times flowers are associated from the events of happiness. Of course, wedding is an affair of lot of joy & pleasure. So, people are using flowers in wedding function by following different ways. If we specifically talk about the Indian wedding then yes it’s true that flowers are used in Indian wedding decoration. Flowers are used into the creation of vermala that is an important part of the Indian wedding customs. Similarly, for the creation of dreamy & impressive venue flowers are used for decorating wedding stage, wedding tables & aisle path plus entrance door of the venue. When, a groom take the bride with himself after marriage then the car, in which both bride & groom travels after marriage, is also decorated very beautifully with flowers. Furthermore, Indian families, the family of groom as well as the family of bride, use flower to welcome bride & groom. The bride’s bedroom is also decorated by using flowers. We all know that on this earth you can find a variety of flowers with prominent differentiation in colors, sizes & scents. But you have to choose right color & right size of flowers by keeping the main theme of the wedding into the mind. For example if the wedding theme is red & white then I think you should with a combination of red roses & white flowers. Into the following points I would like to share some ideas on how you can use flowers into Indian weddings. Let’s have a quick reading!

Aisle Path Decoration Ideas with Flowers:

aisle path decor with flowers for indian wedding

When it comes to décor the aisle paths then you have variety of ideas. For example first idea is you can use pillars fort creating aisle path & now set flower bouquet on the top of these pillars.  You can also keep flower filled vases on these pillars. Another idea is you can create traditional aisle path by hanging garlands of flowers from the left top of pillar to right top of pillar. Follow this pattern on the whole aisle way & then see a very beautiful ceiling will come into existence. The height of pillars should be enough for passing beneath

Indian Bride Room Decoration with Flowers:

bridal room decor with flowers for indian wedding

Flower can be used for creating a dreamy & romantic room for a newlywed couple. There are lots of ways such as creating a ceiling with flowers in the room, hanging garlands of flowers around the bed, scattering flowers on bed or on the floor or just using flower bouquet on the side table of bed or on dressing table.

Car Decoration with Flower in Indian Weddings:

cae decor with flowers for indian wedding

Car can be decorated by using flowers. The color of flowers & the color of car both should be complementary for each other. Furthermore, keep the theme of the wedding into the mind. Mostly a “traditional bridal doli” like effect is created by hanging yellow flower garlands around the car. Sometime a net like pattern is created with flower & then it is set on the whole car. Another decent option is the use of simple flower bouquet on the top of car, back & front part of the car.

Mandap Decoration with Flowers in Indian Weddings:

mandap decor with flowers for indian weddings

You can decorate a for pillar mandap by using flowers. One method is to wrap flower garlands around the pillars. Second idea is you can create a beautiful ceiling by using flower garlands. Whether the mandap is in square shape or in round shape, it never matters because you can use flowers easily for decorating any style of mandap. Along with flowers the net curtains, lights & other decorative ornaments can also be used.

Stage Décor for Indian Wedding with Flowers:

stage decor with flowers for indian wedding

Flowers always enhance the beauty of a stage. On wedding stage flowers can also be used in various ways. The stage décor depends on the main idea of wedding. Whether you are using mirror or lights or curtains it never matters, the thing that matters for you is the use of flowers because flowers can be combined with almost every decorative ornament. You can flowers in bouquet shape, in garland style as well as into the vases on the back wall of stage, on the table that is kept on the stage & on the left & right side of sofas. Mostly professionals can be hired because I think no one want to compromise with anything on the wedding day.

Wedding Table Décor with Flower Centerpieces:

table decor with flowers for indian wedding

Mostly, when it comes to decorate the wedding tables then flowers are usually filled into a vase or into a centerpiece. You can use stylish vases that are filled with flowers & kept into the center of tables. It will surely a best way to entertain your guests with great honor.

Flower Decorated Vermala Ideas for Indian Weddings:

vermala decor with flowers for indian wedding

Just pick up your favorite color flower & create garland & now bind the one edge of garland with another edge & your vermala is ready to use. Vermalas are used during the wedding ritual. The bride & groom dresses have a great impact on the color of flowers that should be selected for vermala. So, consider your dress color as well as wedding theme then make vermala by using accurate size & color of flowers.

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