Marvelous Techniques of Bridal Photo Shoot by Sara Mikaal

| October 25, 2016

The most eminent actor in Pakistan industry Mikaal’s wife Sara Mikaal has presented her photo shoot in which she has shown her talent of exposing the beauty of bridal in different way. In modern age every bridal desired to go for photo shot on her wedding but what styles can make her pictures look stylish and gorgeous remains the question for her.

Here Sara Mikaal is suggesting some pose for bridals to have a tremendously beautiful result of photo shot. The photo shot of Sara is showing the bridal in the most stunning and elegant way showing her accessories. We can see an amalgamation of pride and shyness in the posture of the bridal.

Very gracefully and wittily she is showing her outfit and ornaments making her appearance full of charm and allure. A bridal dressed in earthy tone colors is exuding regal look with elegant demeanor. Each and every ornament is visible and prominent making her looks fabulous and remarkable.

In some pictures the bridals is draped in dupatta with bouncy hairs at the shoulder. While bridal is also found without taking dupatta over head showing her beautiful hairstyle in the mirror. This is a new and stylish way of photo to let the bridal see in mirror and take her photo. The bridal is exuding royal effect in her elegant way.

Make-up of the bridal is done in the most natural way with smoky eye make-up and light color gloze. All the constituents such as outstanding make-up, exquisitely beautiful ensemble and classy jewelry are making the bridal look an illustration of beauty and elegance. The ways in which the photos are taken hold high significance in bringing forth her alluring appearance before the viewer.

stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-1 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-1 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-2 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-2 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-3 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-3 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-4 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-4 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-5 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-5 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-6 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-7 stunning-bridal-shoot-of-sara-mikaal-wife-of-mikaal-zulfiqar-8

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