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| March 2, 2016

Part of what makes any wedding special is seeing how the bride and groom come together to create their dream day, and one of the most telling parts is always the décor. Creating your dream décor, however, is no easy feat which is why we’re so excited to introduce you ideas to décor beautiful Indian wedding functions.



If you asked me what my most favorite part of wedding planning was, I’d say flowers and décor! I just love the idea of a room filled with vibrant, lush colors and fluffly florals, and the scent of freshness that you get to experience in a reception hall filled with fresh flowers.


Lighting pays a really important role in wedding décor, so much so that it can be a central idea from where you can begin. See below what makes the wedding venue bright and cheering. Light up the way to your wedding with countless strings of colorful fairy lights. Beautiful metal lanterns can lend that special charisma to your wedding venue. If you have trees at the venue, then get fairy lights wrapped around all of them for that dreamy ambience.



Traditional mandaps have taken a back seat to mandaps created with florals and fabric draping. Mandaps have been seen with domes created out of fabric in the middle with chandeliers hanging from them. We have also seen crystals being incorporated into the mandaps as well as nontraditional colors.


If you thought you couldn’t play around with the seat of the couple, well this picture clearly shows that you can! No one is stopping you from even sitting on a beautiful sitting arrangement spot. The backdrop behind the bride and groom is given great importance. That is clever because that is where majority of the pictures will be clicked.




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