Fabulous Pakistani Wedding Day Accessories

| October 30, 2014

Wedding celebration in Pakistan:

Wedding celebrations are celebrated through different customs and traditions in every culture. In Pakistani society, wedding celebrations are consisted upon three day functions. Exciting henna night, wedding day and reception, all these three functions are celebrated with exciting customs and traditions. In this post we are going to talk about wedding day customs and accessories. As wedding day is most significant in all wedding functions, It accessories and traditions are also most noteworthy and significant. Let’s take an over view that how Pakistani society celebrate their wedding day and which accessories they used to make their great day most evocative and exciting.

Venue decoration:

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Venue has basic significance in wedding day celebrations. You venue for celebrate this function must be inspiring and evocative. Wedding decoration has great significant among wedding accessories. Decoration of the hallway, aisle, stage, and table setting must be impressive. Among the wedding accessories, venue is one of most significant accessory.

Bridal makeup and jewelry:

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Bridal accessories are also tremendously significant among the wedding accessories. Bridal jewelry, makeover and other exciting bridal accessories are included in wedding day accessories. Bridal accessories are used to enhance charming beauty of nuptial. Among wedding accessories, bridal accessories are greatly noteworthy through which a nuptial produce an evocative expression.

Nikha ceremony:

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Nikha is crux of whole Muslim wedding. By performing this tradition, bride and groom cordially confess each other as their life partner. By reciting some holy verses from Quran, saying some conventional words and signing a marriage certificate (Nihka Nama), this ceremony is traditionally celebrated. It is most significant tradition not only of wedding day but also of whole wedding. Among the wedding day accessories, tradition of Nikha is most noteworthy.

Dudh palai ki rasam:

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A very charming tradition of dudh palai is celebrated at wedding day after the nikha. An impressive and well bedecked glass with full of dry fruit milk is offered to groom and cash is demanded in return of it. This well décor glass is also a significant accessory of wedding day. Through this charming customs a very entertaining and jovial environment is created.


5 wedding accessories (3)

Presenting gifts to groom and bride is also great accessories of wedding day. Gifts are offered from the sisters, cousins and friends of bride. It is also an exciting tradition and exclusive accessory of wedding day.


6 wedding accessories (2) 6 wedding accessories (10)

At the time of bride’s rukhti some specific traditions are also preformed which has requirement of some special accessories. An embellished try with full of rice grains is presented in front of bride. Along with passing towards gate bride throws these grains in the house over her head and under the shadow of Holy Quran bride takes her steps towards the wedding car.


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