Why Our Healthy Teethes Start Bleeding:

| March 17, 2016

Causes of Teeth bleeding Gums:

Teethes are the most importance and vital part of our life specially our appearance. Their perfection is quite necessary in healthful life. But sometimes are teeth may cause hurdles in our diet and comfort ability due to some issues. Like teeth bleeding is most unhealthy activity of our teeth. It is really necessary to find out the correct causes and their remedies for teeth problems or teeth bleeding. Because we all know that gum bleeding is the main sign or symbol of gum disease in our mouth but they can also pointed towards other health diseases as well.

There can be many causes of teeth bleeding like if you hardly brush your teethes it is the basic cause of gum bleeding, or you can wear dentures that may not fit correctly on your teethes. So there are number of causes but what we have to do is to find the real cause of our teeth bleeding gum so that we can take perfect remedy according to that cause. Because it is said that “Half of the Problem is solved when it is identified”



It is listed by the American Dental Association that one of the main causes of the bleeding gum is the blood thinning medication. Because due to these medications the ability of blood to clot properly is decline.

Deficiency of Vitamin:



One of the basic cause of the gum bleeding can be the deficiency of vitamin C and Vitamin k. So you need to ask your doctor about the tests of vitamin c and vitamin k and use the food like citrus foods, juices, strawberries, tomatoes etc enriched with vitamin c and k.



Yes most people suffer from the bleeding of teeth in gum due to gingivitis when plaque of food remains on the teeth and gum for too much time. Plaque means bacteria that reamin stick with your teeth for long time and damages them.

Changing your Flossing Routine:


If you’re a continuously changing you’re flossing routine then it is surely lead towards the bleeding of gum.


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