Various Ways to Apply Makeup Beautifully on your Face

| June 17, 2016

How to apply the makeup on my face in a nice way

0. various ways to apply makeup beautifully on your face

God has made the woman beautiful and   attractive  and give her a right to   groom herself  and  the    create different things for the woman   beauty  through these things  the people make the cosmetics things  which are used by us .Now a day the woman  can’t live without   the lipstick and the bag  of the  ladies always filled with the makeup  so  for the makeup I have different ideas which are helpful when you are doing your make up  then keep in mind few step because without taken any training no one can be perfect in the makeup  because  you do some major mistakes are must  during the makeup  applying   so keep in your mind these things otherwise  you can look odd  and  ridiculous .Never go with the  dark make up because natural; make up can give you as cool look  and for the natural make up you should learn some tips which are good for you and it should be must for a lady so stay  with us and  learn which tips are  compulsory for a woman to do a  makeup.
•    First of all finish your all dark circle with the anti aging cream  apply the cream under your eyes and the cheeks  and leave it for   4 to 5 hour  and then wash your face with the face wash not soap.
•    Now time to put out the  black heads  you can  finish it with the  nose strips and apply the facial scrub on your face  it is  available in the market but you can make it at your own home with natural things  use the lemon and the  aloe Vera gel and add some moisturizer  lotion in to it  and apply it on your face and  leave it till dry and wash your face with the Luke warm water .
•    If you are going outside then use the sun block before  make up  because the sun can damage your skin and your color becomes tan in the sun light  when you feel that your face is oil free and you have done the moisturize your skin then  apply the  foundation on your face .
•    Take a little quantity of foundation  and apply it on your face under your  cheeks bones and the  chin bottom apply it well  not make layers of foundation
•    Now time to apply the concealer and when you are applying concealer or foundation then avoid to apply  it on your eyes because it can spoil your  eyes make up
•    In the summer use the pan cake powder because it is used with the wet spunch and it should be oil free  and  not use it  on the eyes and eye brow .
•    Bronzer is also a kind of face powders and foundations   because it is used for doing the skin match   apply the bronzer on your neck, chest and the ears to make all the skin tone equal.
•    When you are free from the face base then apply the blush o which is very trendy now a day’s use the blush on according to your face complexion pink color and brown matte color are good for the day time shimmery and glitter blush on is best but you can use the shimmer blush on in the night make up.
•    Apply  blush on not only in the  center of the cheeks rather start to apply it from your lips t ears upper and the  upper to the jaw line
•    Now make a nice shape to your eyebrow always use the black pencil to high light your eyebrow  not make it very thin because now a day  something thick eyebrow is in trend
•     When  you  have made  the  eye brow then apply the  eyeshade on your eye lid  when you are going to apply the eye shadow   then first use the  base shadow  on the lid of  your eye  till the eyebrow  and blend it properly
•    Eyeliner is  the best thing to make the  eye   beautiful and attractive then apply the liner  in the fish style and the  Egyptian eye  if you have small eyes then  never apply so  thick liner on the eyes rather the big eyes can apply it  something thick but not  put out from the eyes.
•    mascara  is highlighting your  lashes  and apply two thick coat on your eyelashes it give you  a   hot and sweet look but don’t apply mascara in upper to lower rather separate the lashes with one another and apply mascara black is good but if you want to go another then keep your eye makeup soft.
•    Now we are  moving towards our final touch of makeup  which is the lipstick  select a lipstick  because matte lipstick are good in the summer  so apply  anyone color of lipstick after applying the lip pencil and when you are applying lipstick then hide your  lip pencil  and in the winter oily and glossy  lipsticks can be used .

0+ various ways to apply makeup beautifully on your face 1. various ways to apply makeup beautifully on your face 2. various ways to apply makeup beautifully on your face 3. various ways to apply makeup beautifully on your face 4. various ways to apply makeup beautifully on your face 5. various ways to apply makeup beautifully on your face

Fashion tips:

when you are applying the makeup then beware   that dark make up can spoil your overall look go with the natural and if you want to save your skin from the acne and the   freckles then wash your face with cold water and do the cleansing your face otherwise your face can be spoil and the shine of your face vanish.

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