Top 7 Trendy Ways of Wearing Chic Tights

| December 9, 2015

When you are going to dress up surely take care of the trends and fashion while wearing tights instead of jeans have a charm in winter to pair it with any outfit. That’s why girls I will tell you how you can pair your leggings in the trendiest ways. The fashion girls always seem in wearing dresses that have chic style while for street style fashion the legging statement becomes more necessary to illustrate your signature style with many ideas.
Usually the tights have too many types for example you can wear printed, lace, net, leather, tweed, sheer fabric and many others. But keep in mind one thing that you have to pair not only outfit with legging but the other accessories that make your outfit complete. We will guide you with which color combinations and the accessories the dress will rock the fashion and trends of the year.
Well girls get ready to flaunt in to the fashion world with the right wearing of tights that will further rank you in the best street style icon of highly fashionable girls. Let’s come and grab some ideas to inspire your dressing mode.

1.    You can try this fall season the grays with spruce of sheer tunics and a statement jacket that will further help you in maintaining style while on the other hand boots and a tote bag can add charm but don’t forget to wear a big bracelet.

1. top 7 trendy and chic ways to wear tights

2.    A burgundy style color legging that can wear with bold color hues of blue checkered coat and yellow top. Match a same color burgundy bag and brown shoes but don’t worry if wearing the hat ranks you in the fashionista of nineties.
2. top 7 trendy and chic ways to wear tights

3.    An awesome way to pair tights is with short skirts and also with the full flair but it’s up to you if you are going to wear a blazer or a jacket over it to add glam in the fashion. This is the trendiest way of pairing a good legging.
3. top 7 trendy and chic ways to wear tights

4.    Add some fun and color to your dress in winter with bold color sweater and the printed legging that is good for the funky girls to add some glitz in their fashion style. Lace up black flat shoes and some addition of jewelry will be good.
4. top 7 trendy and chic ways to wear tights

5.    You can try tights with shorts after all it is for hiding the butts in a right way so wrap up the neck with trendy scarf or high heel shoes that is great to rock the trends in the luscious manner.
5. top 7 trendy and chic ways to wear tights

6.    If you want to take a change in style then go with long coats or sweaters with a right pair of tights wearing high heel boots to empower the winter days when you have to be gone out.
6. top 7 trendy and chic ways to wear tights

7.    A simple dress, tunics and a plus size sweater that has been worn with legging is a right way of pairing in winter season.
7. top 7 trendy and chic ways to wear tights

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