Tips for How to Apply False Eyelashes Perfectly

| October 16, 2015

False eye lashes:

Generally we all are not blessed with whole natural beauties. In different aspect s we took support from the artificiality to grab the perfection. If we talk about face then some ladies have no fine shape of nose, some are disturbed due to their big forehead, heavy full lips, narrow eyes and light ashes all are issues which are defiantly faced by females individually. But now certain makeup techniques and some false accessories can cover all these flaws. For example those lashes that have light lashes are used false lashes. From false lashes they produce the ideal effects of dramatic look, natural beauty of other sizzling expressions.

Talking in this regard her we are sharing some excellent tips to apply false eye lashes perfectly. These tips will make you able to apply false eye lashes without help of any beautician. You will apply lashes perfectly and artistically through these terrific tips. From very start to ending point, all cares, dos and don’ts are shared in this post. Through some little practice defiantly you will be able to apply eye lashes professionally perfect. Create your desired look through false eye lashes according to your choice. Let’s talk about the excellent tips which will make you perfect in application of false eye lashes artistically.

•    First of all think about the lash size, there are different sizes which can assist in creation of desired look. Either you are desire for natural look lashes, doll like due eyes or to create a dramatic beauty, different sizes of lashes will meet you to your desire look.

•    If you are interested in cat eye sizzle then think about these lashes which are long from center.

•    First of all to make it flexible, gently bend lashes back to forth.

•    False lashes should begin slightly away from the inner corner of eye.

•      Before the use of glue make your lashes curled but stay away from over curly as it will create an odd look when it will create the expression of distance from tour real lashes.

•    You can apply glue directly at lashes but it is risky as unconsciously we drop excess glue at lashes. To save from it deposit a dub of glue at the back end of eyeliner brush, hold lashes in fingers and gently draw a gentle strip of glue at specific place.

•    To attain best attachment of lashes, leave it for at least 5 to 10 second to be dry then apply it directly above the real lashes with practical care and gently push it towards the skin to with help of bob pin or some tiny makeup brush.

•    Now it time to apply mascara, to create perfect natural look apply mascara lightly. Mix both the false and natural lashes with help of mascara.

•    Perfect practical process of eye lashes application will be done.

•    To remove the lashes from eyes use lukewarm water to dissolve the glue, when glue will pliable lashes will remove easily.

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