Things to keep in Mind When Buying Your Wedding Sherwani

| April 9, 2016

The dress brings a regal classy look to any groom, a wrong choice can ruin the day for the couple. it can ruin your look in your wedding photographs and video, to say the least. Sherwani is the traditional outfit for grooms at most Pakistani and Indian weddings. So, if you are on a lookout for a wedding sherwani for your big day, here are some common mistakes that you should avoid.


Here is Men’s sherwani. Embellished brocade with maroon piping, you could wear the sherwani with churidar bottoms instead of the shalwar if you don’t want to wear salwar.

Low quality fabric:

Since you are the groom, eyes are going to be evaluating you critically and you need to make an impression by looking and classy. If the material is cheap then no matter how stunning the embroidery it still won’t be able to make the sherwani look good. You may save a few thousand rupees by choosing a cheap fabric, but it will make a disaster on your wedding day look.


If you are short of time and you must buy a ready to wear Sherwani, then make sure you buy the one that is made for your body type. Ensure that when you are on your wedding shopping take clothes that fit your body type. Moreover, you would not feel comfortable in a sherwani that does not fit you well.



Don’t forget to consult her about your choice of sherwani. Talk to her about the colors in the dress that she is planning to wear. You can go for same colour as her lehenga, or you can match it with the colour of her attire’s embroidery or accessories. Ensuring that both the bride and groom look coherent on this great day is very important, because your wedding day is going to be a long memory.


you need to also understand what looks good on you. The sherwani you choose should also complement your skin tone and body type. Light colored sherwani with large embroidery or prints is not ideal for the heavy man, while dark colors will make a skinny groom look skinnier.



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