Some Useful Tips To Save Your Life In Accidental Situation

| June 29, 2017

Survival Tips to Save your Life in Uncertain Situation:

All of us probably walk according to the planning we made but sometimes uncertain situation occurs which might be pleasure and might be un pleasure.

If positive uncertain situation happened then it is very good but sometimes we have to face uncertain disasters which may not be positive for our health and mind. But we can’t rely only on fortunes and miracles in such situation all we need to learn some hacks in some accidental situations that may be helpful in saving our life.

So we are not here only to provide you latest fashion updates or gossiping about celebrities we are also here to provide our readers sourceful and beneficial information to prepare our readers to fight in such life threatening situations.

So we are here to provide you some life saving tips that may be very helpful if you keep them in the mind at the time of any misshape. First of all before telling any tip I am here going to tell you one most important think and that is don’t get panic at the time of any misfortune

and keep your mind alert so that you  may find any solution. So now have look on our list of some presented tips that may save your life in these disasters.

Let anyone know about where you will be:

No matter if you are going alone for hiking or camping or with friends but always let someone know about you will be and what will be your plans.

In Earthquake:

At the time of earthquake don’t move anywhere and wooden homes are safer.

Act as Dead if Bear Attacks:

If you are in position not to run away from the bear then act as dead and try to stop your breath for a while is a myth so doesn’t act so dramatic.

If you are Thirsty:

If you are thirsty then don’t eat snow first let the snow melt and then drink it.

In the Dark:

If light gone and in emergency you can find light then crayons can also be used as candles.
Analogue watch can also be used as Compass to Find Directions:

Swim Parallel to Shore if you got stuck up in Riptide:

So now here have a look on the list we provided which is little hacks that m might be helpful at the time of emergency and may save your life.

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