Restyle Your Old Clothes by Following These Ideas

| March 27, 2017

With the change of season and fashion trend, people buy new clothes according to the season and latest trend. People spend most of the time and money in buying new clothes while shopping, but after a short period of time when fashion trend changes all of their effort and money wastes and goes at the bottom of garbage.

If you are thinking about throwing your old clothes, stop because we are going to tell you that how can you reuse your old clothes and turn them in new them. A variety of things can be made with useless and old fashioned clothes as you can make bags, rugs, cushions etc and if you want to make your things attractive then decorate them with different things as buttons, sequins, beads, laces, brooches etc.

Young girls love their denim the most and they don’t want to throw and waste at any cost. If you are also jeans lover then here is a great idea for you, by following this you can use your denim jeans in different ways as you can make cushions and bags with your jeans as shown in the picture.

A standard size bag is made with denim jeans that can be easily made by cutting your jeans and stitching it in a simple way. You can use this bag for your college or this can be used as a grocery bag and if you want to use this for casual wear then embellish it with some kinds of materials.

If a guy whether he is your brother, husband, son and father is tired with his formal two piece suit then you don’t need to waste it. You can reuse it by giving it a new shape, prepare a bag with this suit as it is and surprise your beloved guy by giving him a unique bag for his office. He can put lots of things in it as office files, cell phone, identity card, pen, goggles and all his essentials.

Girls are conscious about styling and they are always in care for new style, by following this picture, a girl does not need to buy new outfit for a party or she does not need to cut and stitch her shirt to get a new look because she can look stylish by wearing her old tank top or t-shirt.

Wear your plain tank top but don’t wear its sleeves on your arms, let the sleeves of the shirt down. Then take the right sleeve and tucked the sleeve in the neckline, do the same process with other left sleeve. You will be surprised by seeing the new stylish dress that can be used for parties.

Make a completely new garment with out of your old clothes, if you are going to do this, start with your boring t-shirt. Do some cutting and weaving to turn your boring shirt into a fashionable top as shown in the picture, long shirt is made short by cutting the excess part and a beautiful heart shape design is made by removing the printed part looking nice and a girl can carry this with a vibrant color pant for summer season.

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