Quick 5 Ways that can Help You to Speed up Your Slow Metabolism

| March 8, 2016

How I can boost up my Metabolism?

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What is metabolism? Can you tell me? No? It’s ok. Let me tell you first about metabolism. When we all eat food to maintain our life, so when we eat food then chemical processes occurs into our body that helps to break down our food into very small pieces & then try to convert it into energy this energy allows us to work, to walk, to think, to move our body parts & so on. So, countless chemical processes that are occurring into our body & helps to maintain our normal functioning, it’s all called metabolism. If your metabolism is faster then it means your calories will be burn on a faster rate, you can lose your weight & what if your metabolism is slow then of course lots of problems can occurs for you such as overweight, fatigues,  joint pains, low level of energy & so on. Whether your metabolism is working slow or best? It actually depends on your age, eating habits, gender, activity level & genetics. Some people have slow metabolism because their parents have also slow. Some people think that we have slow metabolism & there is no way to boost it up but dear you are thinking wrong because now doctors & experts have suggested lots of easy & quick ways that can help you a lot in order to boost up your metabolism. Only by bringing some changes into your eating habits & in exercise you can do it. Here, on this page, let me share the top 5 ways to speed up your metabolism.

1.    The first & the most important tip is to eat right. Read carefully, I am talking about eat right not about over eating or less eating. We know that over eating leads you towards weight gain while less eating can slow down your metabolism speed. For weight loss mostly people starts to eat & then this less eating leads them towards the nutrimental deficits. These deficiencies can cause lots of other problems. So, eat right, chew well & then see your metabolism will work well.
2.    Whatever exercises you are doing in your gym, such as aerobics or push-ups, the thing that is important for you is to start your exercise from a low level then take it to the high level then add an interval by bringing your exercise again on the low level/starting level & then take it to faster level & repeating this low/high pattern from 6 to 8 times in a day can helps to speed up your metabolism. Similarly, in walking, running, swimming & jogging, you should follow this rule. Exercise actually increases your activity level & thus your metabolism.
3.    Try to eat protein based food items. In this regard the eating of fish like salmon, tuna or herring that have rich levels of omega 3, can help you to balance your blood sugar, reduce inflammation because it has anti inflammatory properties & of course it regulate your metabolism. Similarly, you should try to add egg yolk into your diet plan because it has also the ability to speed up your metabolism. Similarly, think about drinking milk. These all protein rich food item can improve your slow metabolism. But again I must say don’t over eat but eat right.
4.    One of the most important teas is that green tea. It is tasty plus very beneficial for health. It contain on antioxidants that ultimately help to improve your body functioning.  Drinking almost 2 to 3 cups of green tea in one day can help you to increase your metabolism but how? Well, it will help in digestion, & increase the energy level plus it also aids in weight loss.
5.    Recent studies have shown that Garlic helps to control those substances that can add fat into your body & it also boost immune system & fights against the inflammation. So, adding garlic into your food can give your lots of benefits. Garlic is considered a natural fat burner. The garlic is helpful for aiding the thermic effect of metabolism.

Hopefully, these top 5 ways can help you a lot in order to boost up your metabolism. Let me know with your opinion.

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