Old Clothes Recycling Ideas

| March 31, 2016

Reuse of old clothes

Reusing ideas is very good and useful for us if we use it in our home then we can make many things with the old things like many decoration items can be made which can decorate your home in very low wages and   make you creative .It is well known thing that everything is available in the market which can be buy from anywhere but when you make different thing from your own hand then you feel much pleasure and happiness because it is your creativity and when people see your   creativity they definitely praise you and then your confident developed and you will try to make another things with your hands if you are not too much creative but you have an art of imagination and creative mind then you can decorate your home very well because when you are going to decorate your home then all ideas are in that decoration and a person can be recognized from his life style like dressing, home setting etc if your home is dirty and you are very neat and clean you will call a idle lady and if you ad your house both are neat and clean then you will call a decent and responsible lady .Here we are talking about old clothes which are used in different things and we can make another things with different old accessories.


The clothes are present in everybody’s house because when we   stitched the dress then some pieces that we keep save why not that piece is use in another way then the bow which is much inn in the fashion we stitch the bow with needles and stitch on the baby’s frock and shirts collar ad sleeve because it look so nice and give you a look of royalty .Old shirts which are useless and you do it waste you can make peplum dress with this old shirt printed dot shirt is very beautiful   in the shape of peplum .Black shirt which you leave to wear but you should use it because it is not wasted you can make   skeleton shirt with the help of your simple shirt   which is wore by many   girls of western and you can wear fit jeans with this dress. The t-shirt which you   have an intention to   waste it because the season is changed and you want new shirts so you can make oversized shirts which are mostly wearing by many students. The clothe which are useless and you can make bracelet with the help of stretchable cloth then you can contrast you shirt and skirt to make   bracelet. Old sweater and crochet blazer which are not inn now a days and you want to threw it then you can cut these crochet and wool thing and make the Christmas   bottle cover and keep it on the special table which is near the fire place and the centaclause keep the gifts on that table you can show your deep emotions on the Christmas besides of Christmas it can be keep in drawing room as a decoration piece .Jeans old pants which you want to waste the you can give it rebirth because it can be help in the   pet bed with your hands it can easy to wash and dry pet bed is very compulsory to make because pet are the also a part of our family with the pet bed you can make   jeans stuff with the handles of wood but you can made the hanging with the help of colorful ribbons .Jeans skirts which are carried by many girls and you can cut the jeans and make it skirt and wear with plain shirt. With the old woolen sweater make gloves at the place of floor cleaner because many people use the sweater to wipe out the floor so you can make gloves which will give you the effect of hotness and smoothness. With the pieces of different clothes you can make a sitting round couch which is in trend and look very colorful because the pieces of all color clothe is present at you home so mould it in sofa. The shirt which has made you fed up and you have not in mind to wear it again but the shirt is not so much rough so use the shirt as a ruffle scarf with any dress like maxi, pant shirts and kurti.

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Openly suggestions:

We should live moderate not too much   extravagant   and not much thrifty because everything is good which is done in limit because when we do something out of limitation we have to face many flaws so I want to suggest you that use the things which are able to recycle and if you waste it then you are wasting   your money. So use the old things.

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