Most Effective & Easy Ways for Men to Enhance Self Confidence

| October 7, 2015

How Men can Increase their Self Confidence?

The word confidence means an aptitude of trust on one’s ability. When we attach the word “Self” with confidence then it clearly means an aptitude of trust on your “self” abilities. A lack of self confidence means that you never believe on you & on your hidden abilities while increasing self confidence means you like to groom-up your confidence.
So, if someone wants to know “what is self confidence” then you can answer her/him that it is an ability, fervor or conviction on yourself that “I can achieve every task”. Now you may be thinking from where it comes? So, dear it actually comes inside from you.
In this modern age, I still meet with some boys & girls who never have self-confidence in them. Some women also lack of it. I feel astonish when I saw many mature men have lack of self confidence. It is fact that a confident man always looks complete & impressive while a deficiency of it can make them to look coward, namby-pamby & weakling. So, what they should do? It is suggested to them that they should increase their self confidence then I am sure that they will conquer this world.
Today I am going to share very easy, effective & useful method by acting upon these method or tips men can surely be enhance their self confidence. Let’s starts!
1)    First of all & most important thing that can make you look confident is your body language. So, try to keep it simpler, understandable & un-shivering. Try to posture confident. For this purpose stand like a winner, sit with straight back, tilt your head up & lift your chest. All these posture will make you look confident.

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2)    Secondly, the appearance counts a lot in order to increase your self confidence.  For this purpose you need to pay attention towards your personality grooming & dressing. Try to wear neat & clean Dress, choose chic footwear, try stylish hairstyle & latest haircut. Dress up that would never be embarrassing for you & your wardrobe should always be stylish & impeccable.
3)    Try to keep your body clean. Take a daily Shower & shave well. Keep your feet & hands soft. Try to cut hand nails & toes nails on weekly basis. All these measures can ultimately enhance your self confidence. You will never feel embarrassing in crowd or among your friends or during office hours especially because of your appearance.
4)    Take care of your physical fitness. For this purpose exercise is necessary. Physical fitness is vital in order to boost up confidence. For example if you have ballooned belly & you are facing obesity problem then these two can make you feel embarrassing in crowd. When you exercise well & maintain your body then there will be no embarrassing due to your physical appurtenance.
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5)    Whenever you are talking about yourself then keep in mind that you should speak positively. Don’t expose the negative side of your personality. Always be positive & believe in yourself.
6)    Try to avoid comparing yourself from others because it is fact that each person has its own specifications. So, if you want to increase your self-confidence then there will be no more Comparisons.
7)    Try to talk with others but your talk should always have a strong plot or purpose. Purposeless talks can reduce the interest of the listeners so in this way you may feel ashamed. So, talk with purpose & be confident. Don’t talk into disordered or confusing state.
8)    When you are walking in street or at road, in home or in office then your walk should not like an absent minded person but you should walk with a purpose.
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9)    Don’t hesitate from Socializing. It will increase your self confidence. You never need to fear from Socialize when you dress up well, when you can speak well, when you know the manners of party. So why are you feeling fear from party or Socialize? Be confident. Think well & do well.
10)    It is a great saying from the olden times people that you should start & end your day with the quality of being thankful & with kindness. It will make you a popular personality among the people & they give you respect. Consequently, your kind behavior & thankful nature can lead you to build self confidence in you.
11)    It is best for you to try to speak up on a current topic, on politics, education, your work, friendship or on the topic that is currently discussed by the people sitting around you. When you sit in group then you should be a better & impressive public speaker. This quality comes in your only because of your self confidence. Then ultimately it will make you familiar like a leader in group. Speak well & become a leader!
12)    It is seen that mostly people lose self confidence when they set large goals but in actual they fail to achieve these goals. So, now you should need to break your large goals into small ones & then try to achieve these small goals step by step it will never break self confidence but a success after success contribute to enhance your self confidence.
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13)    Try to give admiration & value to your God-Gifted personal characteristic such as your health, your all body parts, your skin tone etc. You may seen many people in the world who are disabled, some lost their eyes light & cannot enjoy the colorful charm of this world, some lost their skin due to burn so when you look towards these people then you will feel very thankful towards your personality specification.
14)    When you don’t focus only on yourself but you will take care of the needs of other people your family, kids, wife, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, colleagues, neighbors then it will give you an inner happiness. You will feel contented & this will ultimately increase your confidence.
15)    A survey shows very clearly that the people or men who are self confident are usually come into the category of those people who are constant learners. They seek something new & learn new things. So, if you also want to stand into the list of self confident men then it’s the time to become a learner.  When you are skillful & know lots of things then you can demonstrate others.
16)    Try to write major characteristic of life that a man should own. Then compare your own & see what you have & what you never? Then rank that you have & work on lowest ranking so that you can increase it from low to high. The characteristic that you never have, try to build these in yourself.
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17)    Along with appearance & physical fitness, the economic status of a man also counts more. The men who earn well feel confident as compared from those who never work or ear any money. Work well, don’t sit idle & earn handsome monthly salary. Try to choose an appropriate second time job, don’t hesitate from work hard. When you have money in your pocket then you can feel self confident. You never need to demand any money from others. You can buy whatever you want.
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18)    Try to keep yourself Motivated. For this purpose read inspirational novels, watch inspiring movies, talk with a person who lift up your confidence & stay motivated.
19)    You can boost up the self confidence by enjoying & celebrating the small joys of life.
20)    Whenever you feel nervous then breathing deeply & slowly. Try to relax your neck at the back o chair. Similarly bring your shoulder muscles in relaxing position. It will help to vanishes your nervousness & make you confident.
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I know these rules are looking very hard to you buy believe when you starts to practice upon these then you will starts to feel confident. Least but not last, Keep in mind that confident people never ever hesitate to praise other & from adding value to others personality. They give good compliment to others. Stay blessed & keep it up!

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