Make Muffins at Home for Kids by Following Our Easy Recipe

| November 16, 2015

Easy Muffins Recipes:

I know we are living in 21st century & kids of this century are very fast & demand each new thing from their parents. They want stylish clothes, they want to explore new games & similarly when it comes to eat food then they want to eat modern time food items such as pizza burger, muffins, cupcakes etc. So, mothers are always in search of these food items recipes so that they can make their kid’s favorite food item at home. So, dear mothers are you ready?  Today I am her with a very easy muffins recipe for kid. Read carefully & have fun at home by making these delicious muffins!

Chocolate Muffins Recipe:

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Ingredients for Chocolate Muffins:

You need;

1)    Plain flour 250 gram
2)    1 Egg
3)    Baking Powder 2 tea Spoon
4)    Baking Soda ½ tea spoon
5)    Coco Powder 2 table spoon
6)    Chocolate Chip ½ Cup (if chocolate chip are not available then you can use simple chocolate)
7)    Milk ¾ cup
8)    Sugar ¾ Cup
9)    Oil 1 cup
10)    Vanilla Essence 1 tea spoon

Step by Step Method for Chocolate Muffins:

You need to follow the instruction described below;

1)    Take a bowl.
2)    Add Plain flour, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Coco Powder, Chocolate Chip & Sugar in this bowl.
3)    Mix Well.
4)    Now take a jug.
5)    Add Egg, oil, milk & Vanilla Essence into this jug.
6)    Mix these ingredients, which you add in jug, in a very well way.
7)    Now take this liquid (the liquid in jug) & add it into the bowl. Make a thick paste.
8)    Now add this paste into the muffin tray.
9)    Keep this tray into the pre heat oven (pre heat over from 2000c to 4000c) for about 20 minutes. Now your chocolate muffins are ready to eat.

Hopefully, you like these delicious muffins. Look below for more recipe ideas.

Strawberry Muffins Recipe:

Muffins Recipes ideas  for kids (1)

Muffins Recipes ideas  for kids (2)

Simple Muffins:

Muffins Recipes ideas  for kids (3)

Cheddar Muffins:

Muffins Recipes ideas  for kids (4)

Sugar Coated Muffins:

Muffins Recipes ideas  for kids (5)

Chocolate Chip Muffins:

Muffins Recipes ideas  for kids (6)

Raspberry Yogurt Muffins:

Muffins Recipes ideas  for kids (7)

Banana Muffins:

Muffins Recipes ideas  for kids (8)

You can make these different muffins with slight change in the first recipe that is described.

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