Improve Your Relationship with your Child

| October 31, 2015

How you have best relation with your kids?

No doubt that all parents want to have good relation & understanding with their kids that is also essential for children to healthy, happy & well-behaved growth. Build a superior excellent communication with disciplines, affection and care is guaranteed beneficial for both parent & kids. Some parents don’t spend enough time with children due to many official problems & consider that their investment of money & the say “I love u” is adequate for them but they are absolutely wrong in their think because each & every baby needs all time parents’ consideration & corporation to become a good well-manner & well-behave person. Here, I suggested some steps to improve your relation with kids those surely will help you.

    You should express your love in action, I means, play with them for thoughtful & to know how he/she treats with others & also see things with child’ point to develop achieving power in baby’ muscles.
    Being present every time, when child needs your attention & expose positive views.
    Treat your child like your friend, sometimes your friend miss your thing & express with embarrass then you are emphatic & say no worry, feel better but on the other hand your baby forget in the school then you are stressful in anger expression that is wrong, you should treat kindly & tell your child that should care your all things.
    Never show miss behave with kids or any family member in the front of babies because you are role model for them and they follow you.
    You should to teach good habits & way to do work yourselves. Initially, help out them and after it gives chance to do their works themselves.
    Also make a habit to help others, like you are in kitchen then your child can ready dining table.
    Present your child surprising gift on best effort or good performance in any task.
    This is vitally important to have a picnic plan with kids where you spend time especially for child’ happiness.
    Spend your time with kids as often as possible like a good friend.
    Be trust your child because this is most imperative step for improve relation.

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