Ideas to Decorate Shoes with Rhinestone

| March 18, 2016

Make simple shoes fancy with rhinestones

Everyone have creativity but not the right way to use it. They may need a proper guidance for that. Simplicity are the basic facts that is always admired but when a person want something different and is also creative as well then it would be more preferable to do it yourself to make that thing eligible and trendy at your own way in accordance to your likes and dislikes. When you are about to create a thing at your own, you will first get nervous that what would happen if it become wrong. But believe on yourself and start your work.

Our trending segment is about ideas and proper guidance to decorate simple pair of shoes with glazing and glamorous rhinestones to make the more appealing and eye catching in front of people. Just take a look and polish out your creative senses with involvement of our ideas and a lot of fashion tips for further satisfaction.

How do make your shoes glamorous with rhinestone:


Clean the surface of the area you want to cover.

Choose a pattern that what you want. You can go with uniformity or random pattern.

Start with the edges of shoes, back or heel with concentration.

Apply thin layer with glue and seek through that either is perfect or not.

Use tweezers to pick the stone one by one.

Complete the whole area.

Now start another shoe.

After completion it would appear like that.



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