Ideas for How to Clean Greasy kitchen Cabinets

| November 9, 2015

Significance of kitchen cleanness:

Kitchen is most significant part of every home. According to a proverb it is said that the standard of cleanness of a home can measured from its kitchen. It must be pure and fresh. You kitchen speaks about your perfection as a domestic lady. Being a house wife you have to keep your kitchen neat and clean. Cleanness is not just about the washing of dashes and cleansing of floor. Everything of your kitchen must be polished and refine. Most of common problem which is faced in kitchen is the grease spots at cabinets.
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People are specially notice your cabinets sometimes to look its designs, its type or its color and it is most prominent feature of kitchen also. So it is essential that your kitchen cabinets must be tidy and well organized. Greasy spots are one o major problem which is faced by almost every home in its kitchen. Grease produced black untidy spots which further caused of poor expression. For a clean kitchen you have to keep your cabinets as polished and tidy. In this regard here we are sharing something noteworthy, we are presenting some tips which are excellent to remove greasy spots from the cabinets. These spots can vanished from these effective tips. These tips remedies are mostly come from your kitchen. Without any extra effort and without expending extra expenses you can keep your cabinets neat and shiny.

Let’s talk about these beneficial tips which are fantastically excellent to keep your cabinets neat and clean.

    Take two tablespoon dish wash bar and mix it with 2 cups warm water. Dap a clean cloth in this solution and rub it with greased area. After removing the grease spots rinse this area with fresh water and make it dry with a towel.

    Hite vinegar is also matchless in this regard. Take 1 cup of white vinegar and dish wash bar. Apply this mixture at greasy cabinets and rub it gently till the sparks of grease vanished.
You can also use white vinegar with water. It is highly effective. Plus both these ingredients and rub this solution at the cabinets. It will remove grease from the surface of cabinets.

    For stubborn grease spots use baking soda as it is best for this problem. Mix some baking soda with water and fro a sponge or clothe piece rub this paste at the spots. It will quickly remove all grease and dirty spots for the cabinets.
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    Add a cup of borax to a dish wash bar, mix some vinegar and water in it and start rubbing at the spotty surface of cabinets. All will remove all spots instantly after vanishing spots, rinse it with water and dry it with soft6 clothe.

    Keep your cabinets polish and buff them at daily bases so that grease spots can avoid easily.

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