How to Turn Yellow Teeths into White

| February 20, 2016

Remedies to turn Yellow Teethes into White:

If you are aiming for the pearl white amazing smile of Hollywood it is necessary that your teeth’s should be beautiful and especially white. Because when you smile or talks with yellow teeth’s it may destroy your whole cuteness or charm of your whole face beauty. Is it true that your pearl white teethes has lost their luster just due to yellow strains shown on your teeth? If yes then it should hurrily be needed to get them clean and make them white again to bring back your confident smile. There can be many reason of stain teethes, like age, your food, drinks, especially habit of not clean yellow teethes after junk food, chocolates, sweets etc. So you should apply some useful remedies to make yellow teethes neat, clean and beautiful.

Here we have some secrets and easy remedies that will help you to get rid of yellow teethes. First of all you have to make sure that your tooth paste is of good brand because it matters a lot. So one tip is that you have to brush your teethes after drinking or eating something because if you are coffee lover or smoker then it is a necessary thing to do. Apple cider vinegar is another is an amazing idea because it eventually works as an amazing mouth cleaner as gum and especially it works to re3move stubborn stains on your teeths that make your look disaster even on smile. But one thing which should be kept in mind that you will have to brush again with your regular toothpaste after brushing with apple cider vinegar.

Here we have some tacts and remedies that will help you to turn your yellow teeths into white color to make your smile cute, beautiful and event precious.

Whiten Yellow Teethes with Strawberries:

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Yes now you can whiten your teethes with strawberries so it’s a yummy style and idea to get your teeths rid of yellow stains. It has been a famous saying that catherine zeta jones. Tyra Banks has shown this amazing trick on her show she just smashed four to five strawberries and amazingly rubbed this delicious and yummy mixture on all her teethes and really it works.

Whiten Yellow Teethes with Lots of Water:


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Water is an amazing trick to keep your teethes, fresh, beautiful and white. Drink as much water as you can because it keeps your teeth brighter, neat and clean.

Rinse your Teethes with Peroxide:

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It’s a best idea to rinse your teethes with peroxide and believe me it really works. Pour some peroxide into a bowl and do swishing for one minute after that spit this peroxide into the sink and then wash your teeths with water or you can apply it with cotton balls by dipping it into the peroxide.

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