How to Take Care Your Clothes Last Longer

| March 17, 2016

Ideas to take care your clothes

Clothes are very important thing for us and the taking care of dress is something difficult. All people have not an idea that how they take care of their clothes. Clothes are very precious and expensive accessory for human beings .It is not compulsory that everybody purchase expensive and branded dresses rather with little effort you can make your simple clothes pricey. In the taking care of dresses we should keep some important points in our mind which I want to tell you that are very important .The things which make you dearest in the eyes of others is the setting of your house because your house is the mirror of your personality .If your house and especially your dresses are keep at their own place then you can’t leave behind to listen your praises .Guests are come in everybody’s house and when they see that you are very neat and clean and the things of your all house is at sixes and sevens. So come forward and learn the ways of taking care your clothes.

Tips to save your clothes for many years:

There are some tips to help you in taking care of your important things and dress is on top of your needed things:

First of all keep your clothes in a safety place where the insect of no present like grasshopper and termite etc because they cut the dresses and very small cutting spots can spoil your dresses.

Wash your clothes carefully because the faint colors are due to the washing. Keep in your mind bright colors clothes and light colors clothes should not wash together because the bright color can color the light colors. Firstly wash your light and dim colors clothes and then bright colors.

If your clothes are fancy and something embroidered then not wash it in the washing machine look the manufacturer instruction if he write dry clean then you should not wash it in the machine and detergent powder but if there is no tag of washing then you can wash these clothes with hands.

After wash your clothes not use dryer or spinner because dryer can faint the color of your dresses rather dry your clothes in sunlight because sun is the best way to protect your dress but never hang your dresses in scorching sunlight it can spoil the colors .

Never use chemical for your dresses because it can weak the fibers of your clothes and it become the cause of tattered so use cold and fresh water for your clothes.

When washing your clothes hang in the hangers and cover with shopping bags if the button of your any dress is not stitched accurately then you should fix it in a ggod way and then keep the clothes in cupboard ,almirahas and drawers. Keep all your dresses in such places where you can get easily at a time.

When the season of winter is changed then keep the winter clothes in safe place after washing because if they spread here and there then it can be tear and dirty same case should be done with summer clothes because clothes are how much in strength but they look very less because everybody wants to wear new clothes everyday but it is not compulsory thing that you purchase new dresses daily rather you should keep your old dresses in such a form that look new at anytime.

Ironing is also very important for clothes because everybody has not much know that this fabric is bear what type of heat so when the iron become too much heated you directly keep it on the dress then the cloth become burn and spoil so when you are pressing your clothes then first check the iron temperature and then use.

The dresses which are very expensive and beautiful and like your dress most then first you should make up and then hairstyling because when you do make up then glitter and shades can be falling on your dress and some makeup accessories are such as that can fade the color of clothes and your precious dresses can be spoil.

1. How to take care Your Clothes Last Longer 2. How to take care Your Clothes Last Longer 3. How to take care Your Clothes Last Longer 4. How to take care Your Clothes Last Longer 5. How to take care Your Clothes Last Longer 6. How to take care Your Clothes Last Longer

Note: These are some ideas that keep your clothes save for a longer time .With these things I have saved my many clothes you can also do this .In a little matter don’t waste your precious cloth rather stitch it and use it in your daily life .

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