how to Remove Lice from Cats

| May 10, 2016

When your cat scratches constantly, they could be fleas or ticks. Lice are parasites that live on the skin. Lice are actually very small insects that feed by chewing on the skin of the animal they are infesting. Lice on cats survive by biting them and drinking their blood. There are a lot of cat lice treatments. Ave a look on methods given below.

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Treat your cat with a topical spray insecticide. Make sure that the product you choose is labeled for cats and not dogs.

  • Fipronil and (S)-methoprene: Apply this once a month to kill the larvae, eggs, and adult fleas. It also kills ticks and chewing lice.
  • Selamectin Apply this once a month to kill adult fleas and their eggs. It may also kill ticks, heartworms, ear mites, and sarcoptic mites. It only has partial success with some ticks, and it is not effective against Ixodes, which is the species that carries Lyme disease.

Fill a tub full of warm water, and then add enough dish detergent to make it sudsy. Place the cat in the mixture and wash him thoroughly, remember not to get the mixture into the pet’s eyes. Rinse off with clean, warm water, and towel dry. A natural cat lice treatment that can be used is dish detergent.

The key treatment method is to wash the cat with an appropriate shampoo. There are several shampoos on the market that will get rid of multiple types of parasites, including lice, although they may not say so on the package. The main thing to remember is to purchase a cat-specific product. Shampoos used for humans won’t work, and ones that are used for other pets, specifically dogs, can actually harm or kill a cat.

Contact the veterinarian. The vet will recommend the best treatment for lice for the cat. The vet will make sure that you choose a safe and effective product. You should also purchase flea treatments directly from your vet, since some of the medications sold at pet stores can be dangerous for cats.


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