How to keep Shoes in Good Condition

| March 16, 2016

Tips and ideas to keep shoes for long time


Shoes are very expensive and time consuming thing because when you buy shoes you have to spend a lot of time on it and some shoes are very easy and good in wear therefore it becomes favorite   for its user. The things which are very dear for you then you should take care of that thing because the things which we like most don’t want to lose it in for long time. Here we are talking about the shoes care which is very necessary to keep them in a good conditions .With little effort we can save our shoes to getting spoil because foot play an important role in human body so the shoes should be good and comfortable .There are many kinds of shoes which want to care.

First of all the selection of shoes should be good and always buy your pair of shoes at day time because at night it can’t be find in proper size .

Clean your shoes before wear with wet clothe if you have in mind that you have to wear that shoes in next day then it is good that clean it at night.

Not use brush for leather and suede shoes because these shoes are very delicate it can be spoil rather clean it with cleaning spunch.Many shoe cleaner are available in market you can purchase it and it works for many time.

When you go anywhere then your shoes must be dirty and muddy so when you come back at home clean your shoes with cleaner and baby wipe is best idea to keep your shoes clean and after cleaning keep your shoes in the shoe box which will save your shoes for long condition.

Keep your winter shoes at one place and the collection of summer shoes place at one place because if we keep our shoes mix then it will create problem for us at the time of   wear.

Shoe racks are very common in market and in many styles and material you can buy it and handmade shoe racks are also good for your home.Plastic, wood steel and iron shoe racks are very common and hot sale now a day.

Don’t use expensive shoes for rainy stormy and snowy season because it can be damaged and ragged .You can wear plastic shoes and rainy shoes for such weather because plastic shoes are wash able and you can wash it with detergent and water.

After come back from outside keep your shoes on the right place not throw them in different places otherwise it will be dusty .Not keep it under the direct sunlight because sun can fade your shoes color specially suede shoes can’t bear the scorching sunlight.

Never buy very tight and small size because the size of foot can be large and you should be buy something large shoes and when you are going to buy shoes then wear shoes for 5 to 10 minute because all depend on the heels and shoe sole if it is comfortable in walking then it will never damaged and remain with you for a long time.

You can keep a fragrance balls in the shoe place because it save your shoes from dump and smell and keep your shoes such place where the air can easily passed .Plastic bag is not proper saving thing to keep your shoes save .

Use shoe polish and cleaning thing for cleaning your shoes one time in one week because it is very important thing to keep your shoes in good condition.


Note: Don’t use your leather and suede shoes in the watery place it can damaged your sole and avoid from slipping shoes because it can be cause of slipping.Don,t wash your shoes in machine because it can destroyed the stuff and not keep it in so narrow place because shoes have to need air and breathe like human beings.



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