How I can Get Rid from Under Eye Hallows?

| March 7, 2016

Beneficial Exercises for Diminishing Under Eye Hallows:

1 useful tips of  exercise for under eye hollows

We all know that eyes are very important part of our face & whole body. Without eyes we cannot enjoy the pleasures & colors of life. I think on face the most prominent way to interact with other people is eyes. Do you agree? Yes, you should be because eyes are great expression of your inner feelings.  Furthermore, eyes are most sensitive because the skin around eye is usually elastic & thin.

As you move towards your 30″s or 40’s then your eyes starts to become less vibrant & less youthful, wrinkles starts to become visible around eyes, dark circles gives a ghostly look to your eyes, further more due to plucking of eye brows the skin starts to look quite sagging, the droopy eyelids looks very odd & un-fresh. Furthermore, with over age hollowness appears between your nose & rim of orbital bone then it called hollow eyes. This problem is also known as tea trough, sunken eyes or deep set eyes. This problem can even occur in your 20’s because of long hours working on computer plus lack of sleep can also develops it.

So, or fixing these entire problems you try to buy expensive cosmetic or beauty products. I think in this way you are not only wasting your money but also your time because these products can give a good look to your face only temporarily for some time when you are getting ready for a party but what about your simple look or causal? Yes, your eyes will still look very bad casually. So what you should do? Here are some best eye exercise for getting rid from the under eye hallows. I am sure these exercises can help you a lot for solving for this problem as well as some others also.

Due to sunken eyes or deep set eyes you can feel quite embarrassment among your friends & you look like 40’s years old even if you are in your 20’s. Think? Due to many reasons the loose-ness in muscles around the eyes leads towards the creation of hollow eyes. So, the purpose of exercise is to add some volume into the orbicularis oculi muscles. Let me describe these exercises.

Hollow Reducer Exercise:

2 useful tips of  exercise for under eye hollows
•    Try to keep your finger tips with little pressure near the dotted area of eyes as shown above into the picture.
•    Now close your eyes tightly.
•    Hold this tightening position for 3 or 4 seconds.
•    Now again open your eyes.
•    Then again close your eyes tightly.
•    Hold this tightening position for 3 or 4 seconds.
•    Repeat this exercise for 25 to 30 times.
•    You can do this exercise daily. Best time is early in morning.
•    Of course after one week you will see improvement.
•    This exercise can help you to add volume in hollowed area; it also helps to clean hollow tear trough & dark circles.

Isometric/Tension Developing Exercise Idea:

•    In this exercise you need to sit in a relax mood.
•    Now try to look straight frontward.
•    When you sit in such position then without moving your head & body you need to starts to look upward as you can.
•    Now (when you are looking upward) try to close your eyes very slowly. When you have almost closed then hold this closed eye position for 10 minutes.
•    When you close your eyes then make sure there are no wrinkles on your face or around your eyes. This tension developing exercise without contraction of body muscles will actually help you to add volume in hollowed area near eyes.
•    If you think that 10-min is long time period then you can break it into 2+2+2+2+2min intervals or you can done this exercise in 3+3+3 min intervals or in  5+5 min intervals.
•    Try to do it in front of mirror for avoiding wrinkles.

Eye Lift Exercise:

3 exercise for under eyes hallows

•    Stand straight & look forward.
•    Now try to keep your index fingers of both hands under eyes in such a way that your fingers positions towards your nose.
•    Now open your mouth & make a “0” shape.
•    Now try to hide your teeth by moving lips inside towards teeth. Move lips in such a way that your lips don’t touch to each other.
•    Now try to look towards ceiling without moving your head.
•    Hold this position (as shown into the above picture) for 20 to 25 seconds.
•    You can repeat is 3 times daily.

For adding volume into this area usually fat injections are used but I think it’s not a wise act. You should try to follow natural remedies or exercises as illustrated above.

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