How an Un-handsome Guy can get a Beautiful Woman as Life Partner?

| October 12, 2015

If I am not a Good-Looking Man then How I can get a Beautiful Wife?

Mostly it is observed that the people especially the guys, men & boys who are not handsome or good looking they can never date with a beautiful woman or girl. So, they think that they can never ever find a beautiful woman as wife. They become disappointed while some guys starts to take advices from others. The second or third persons gives them very odd advices such as some says it’s your six packs that can impress hot ladies, some says that your facial beauty is not everything, it’s your sense of humor that can help you to impress a beautiful woman while some advices you that money is everything for impressing women. Some says you to use beauty cream & become handsome. Well, these tricks will never ever works.

Dear guys I suggest you not to act upon on such foolish suggestions because when you act upon on some other person suggestion then you are actually trying to pretend before a girl, you are never bringing a change in yourself but you play.  So, this game finally ends when the girl knows everything about you.

So, be you, be confident & try to bring a real change. Never try to impressive beautiful women. Be yourself & the women will ultimately starts to like you. There will be lots of people in your friend list & they will surely like you a lot. The reason is that you never pretend before your friends, you show your real qualities before friends, they know you very well & that’s why like you. Similarly, show your real man before woman & see the magic.

Try to keep your body in good shape. Take care of physical fitness. Six packs are not necessary. Try to be friendly with both gender people. Try to bring a change in to your behavior. Be wise. Try to establish yourself. Search a job & earn monthly salary. Give respect to other & I am sure that other will also give you respect. Be caring towards other & other will care for you. Try to develop a relationship very naturally. If you like a woman (she is your friend) then propose her but if she rejects you then don’t show anger on her & accepts her decision & continue your friendship with her.  Hopefully, you will successes in order to get a good woman. Keep in mind beautiful women is not necessary she should be good by behavior & character.

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