Home Remedies To Make Eyes Lashes Long And Thick

| May 27, 2017

Long and thick eye lashes are the dream of every one as it contributes to the beauty of the eyes. Large eye lashes will make your eyes look prominent on your face and your eyes will look more beautiful with long and thick eye lashes. You cannot use fake eye lashes all time and there is no need to apply them when you can have your own long eyelashes at home following some tips that are given below:

Be careful for eye make-up:

First keep in mind that you need to be careful for your eyelashes and for this remember to remove make up every night before going to bed. Avoid using water proof mascara that will damage your eye lashes. If you have to apply fake eye lashes then remember that those can put pressure on your real eye lashes. Use eye curler first and then use mascara as to apply curler on wet lashes can pluck them.

Use Olive oil:

This I well-known natural remedy for making the lashes grows long and thick. Vitamin E and oleic acid present in olive oil will nourish your eye lashes and will add volume to it. To apply olive oil on eye lashes, dip cotton swab in warm olive oil and at night, before going to bed apply the oil on your lashes with care in the way as you put mascara. Wash your face in the morning and repeat this process for few months unless you get the result.

Give massage to eye lids:

First put a few drops of oil or petroleum jelly to your eyelids and then with the help of finger tips give a massage to your lids and lash in circular motion. Give this massage twice a day for few months. The massage will improve the blood circulation to reach nutrients to hair follicles.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera gel contains several vitamins and nutrients that help the eye lashes to grow. It’s a wonderful thing for the growth of eye lashes that helps in keeping the lashes moisturize. At night before going to bed you can apply aloe Vera gel to your eye lashes and leave it for the whole night. At morning wash your face and repeat the process for a few months.

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