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| April 25, 2017

To be liked by everyone is great thing for any person and especially university students want to be popular and liked by most of the people. University students want to have noticeable and dominant personality and they want to be known by everyone.

When you are in the gathering of so much people you have to be very confident and this confidence will make you every one’s favorite. If you have a huge number of fans then you will become very famous in your institution. But not only with looks but by doing good and brilliant work you can have your name in your university. Some tips to get popularity are here for you:

Make your looks attractive:

Your dressing sense, fashion sense and decision making power sense should be good. Try to give proper attention to your looks. You must be aware of your surrounding what is going trendy. No one like an old fashioned person but to attract the attention what you wear and how you match accessories with outfits count a lot. With a fit body and neat and clean dressing you will look good to beholder.

Increase your social circle:

Make friends in your university and try to increase your social circle of good people. If you have a few friends but have good terms with them they will introduce you to new people they belong and hence your social circle will increase.

If you are in a group then you will be known to others and bonding with many people will boost your confidence and then with your confident look you will become popular in university.

Be supportive and helping person:

Make your friends believe that you will help them through thick and thin. They must be sure that you are the person who will solve their problem. You must have good decision making power and with your sharp mind other people will like you and will take your name before others. Your supportive behavior will also help to increase your confidence.

Learn to deal with people who dislike you:

In the gathering of number of people it is not possible that there would be good people for you but there might be people who will dislike you. It is up to you how you deal with them and if you do not get depressed by their rude behavior they will soon leave you on your own.

If you get disturbed then your disturb look will make them happy but stay cool with your friends and learn the technique of doing tit for tat if their behavior become unbearable.

Participate in extra-curricular activities:

The person who participates in extra-curricular activities got popularity in university very soon. Must take participation and show your talent to others. These activities will make you popular among teachers and students both.

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