Face Mask Benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin

| May 26, 2016

Homemade facial masks for the fair and glowing skin

0. Face Mask benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin

In the summer   the skin  becomes boring   and  dull   because everywhere the  sunlight is  scattered  which is harmful for your skin  and the  many people were  die due to the sun burn then  due to the full heat of the sun the  doctors advise the people wear hat and sunglasses  for your skin protection  and  the sun block for  saving your face  of UV rays of sun  and  we should must use the  sun block  before going outside  and use some moisturizing to keep your face clean  and glowing and you should not compromise with the readymade pack things because there are so many  chemicals  which are add in the  masks  and beauty products which are not  suitable for all type of skins  so if you use the  natural things for your skin as a face pack then it will be effective and the no side effect of it. There are many things which are  available at a time in your home you can use it  for  the  facial mask and make your skin  glowing  in the winter  a layer  of dryness is create  on your face  which never   go easily so this face packs are not good for summer in winter you can also use it.

7. Face Mask benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin

8 tips to make skin shiny:

1.    First of all  take some turmeric powder add  the powder of  orange peels means in the winter when you eat  orange then  use the peels for   the scrub because it is full of vitamin and the vitamin is good for health.  and in the winter dry some peels of orange in the sunlight and then  make a powder of that peels and save it in a  jar and use at any time  with the turmeric and the  orange peels  paste your face become  shiny and glowing .
1. Face Mask benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin

2.    Honey, banana and lemon is a good thing to make a mask use a lemon, banana and little quantity of honey  and make a  paste of all three things  and use it on your face  and leave it for   10 to 15 minute  till it become  dry then rinse your  face with cold water. Use this mask on your neck and arms also  to get rid of black   spots.

0+ Face Mask benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin
2. Face Mask benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin

3.    Fresh cream is best for   make the skin glowing and when you come back from the outside then   use the cool fresh cream  with the  saffron   and it is fact that saffron gives you a reddish  and glowing skin and   in the night take some fresh cream and add saffron in it and leave it whole night   and use it in the morning  you will feel your skin is glowing and smooth.
3. Face Mask benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin

4.    Egg is full of nutrients it make the man healthy  and it is good for the skin  the egg yogurt is best for the hair and the  egg white is helpful in making your skin  fair and glowing. Separate the egg white and add some aloe Vera in the egg and apply it on the face and massage on your face and after 15 minute rinse your face with  fresh water.
4. Face Mask benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin

5.    Lemon is a natural bleach which can away all the   spots and the    scars of the faces   and tomato which is red and it will help you to make your skin    bright if you have something dark complexion then use the tomatoes and lemon juice and make a thick paste and apply a thick layer on your face and after getting dry wash your face and on the itchiness apply the cubes of the ice.
4+ Face Mask benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin

6.    Gram flour is a natural scrub for   scratching your all dust and dirt   so use 1 table spoon gram floor with the tomato  paste  and apply it in the morning   when it become dry then wash your face with the   cold water and  at the night wash your face with the gram floor  and  then go to the bed.
5. Face Mask benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin

7.    Rose water is good for  your shiny skin   use the rose water daily and keep this  rose water in a spray bottle and  daily  sprinkle  the water on your face  and when you come back at home then spray on your face   it is  good face glowing  moisturizer .

6. Face Mask benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin

8.    Multani mitti is very smooth and   cool for the skin and it is good for the summer season   and if your skin is burn due to the heat then take some    soil and add 1 tea spoon honey and shake it well and apply the thick layer on your face and after 20 minute rinse off with the rose water you will see an absolute difference.

5+ Face Mask benefits for Fair and Glowing Skin


home made things are good for your skin because we are no well aware about the    readymade things so go with the natural things if you have sensitive skin and feeling irritating with these things then stop to apply it.

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