Easy Tips To Clean Indoor Plants

| March 16, 2017

About indoor plants:

Indoor plants need more sunlight and water. Also it is need to be cleaned daily. Layers of dust may cut down the light that is coming from sun and effect growth level of plants. We have come to know that plants that are kept indoor have sensitivity and they require full time for care as well.

cleaning your indoor plant will keep them happy and healthy as well. cleaning of plants depend upon cleaning of your home where plants are kept in. here are some ideas which can be applied to cleaning of plants.

1)    Wash your indoor plant with Luke warm water. Cold water can shock roots of plants so that’s why it is essential to put Luke warm water in plants. Wash small plants in sink and large plants with shower. Let them well dip dry before you put them in sun.

2)    For large indoor plant, wash their leaves and roots with the help of cloth sipped in Luke warm water. Try to avoid out cold water for washing out too.
3)    Dusting of plants to get removed on fuzzy leaves might be trickey but it easier as you think. Simply use a soft bristle paint brush and work your way from base to tip to clean out plant.

4)    Cacti or fuzzy leaf plants: for cactus and fuzzy leaf plants. Try to avoid using water directly. Just dust them with soft bristle tooth brush at the sides where your hand can’t reach out.

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