Easiest Idea to Fix Broken Zipper in Few Mints

| October 26, 2015

How you can repair broken zip in urgent situation?

Hay fans! As you know that zipper is using from ancient times in our wardrobes like jeans, pants, back skirts, shirts and many others and frequently we face annoying problems due to zipper faults when zip stopper doesn’t close gently and stuck zip teeth with one another in opposite track. Sometimes, zipper slider hook found in separate from zip fabric and now, feel desperate because your attire has been faulted and often bottom stop of zip dismiss and slider freely come out with stuck teeth. In all anxiety situations, now you don’t need to be worry because here is easiest way to repair broken or faulted zipper that you can execute in few seconds and once time again your dress will be able to carry. Take a look!

    If you zipper is broken & slider holder is undo from teeth chain gauge then you needed required items in which plier, thick thread, needle, pencil and balm is included. Take the zipper fabric in hold & insert slider holder in both sides teeth & gently take over now, lock its bottom hook party with thick thread & needle for firmly fix. If slider holder does’ not move then slight hit on its top with the plier and rub the pencil tip over the teeth, it will perform function like a lubricant.
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    Second situation of zipper fault is to stuck linen or thread in zipper teeth and now you slider holder is not ready for move. Please! Be relaxed and no show your power to get rid from this problem rather than gently tug stuck material or thread from zipper and you can’t do this from hand fingers then call tweezers and purge it from harsh teeth and now move zipper up & down if teeth are not sticking individually then took slider hook at the bottom and straight its teeth with the help of plier & now again take over it.
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    Sometimes, zipper starts in the straight teeth and come apart in close form but suddenly it doesn’t lock mid teeth, in this case you need to grad plier & closer zipper holder until this catches the teeth yet again.
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Hope, you will get rid this little but annoying trouble by yourself following these simple easiest home tricks.

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