Dry your Wet Hair very Faster with Quick & Effective Tips

| October 12, 2015

Quick Tips to Dry Wet Hair:

When you are getting ready for a party then I think most of the time consumed on wet hair in order to dry. So, dear now you never need to worry about it because today I bring very easy & of course effective tips that will tell you very clearly about how you can dry your hair in just short period of time.

1)    If you want to dry your hair with blow drier then dear it is suggested to you that always starts your hair from the bottom & move upwards. It will help in faster dry. I think you should avoid the blow dry because it can damage your hairs.
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2)    The second tip is that you can use a wide-toothed comb because it will help in order to separate your hair strands & ultimately your hairs will dry soon.
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3)    You can wrap the towel around your hair like a turban. Before wrapping make sure you squeeze the water from hair & then towel will squeeze the remaining water.
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4)    Try to shake your hairs here & there for fast dry.

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5)    Before coming out from the shower room, try to blot extra water from hair by using your hands or towel. Then comb your hair with wide tooth comb & try to separate strands of hair even after combing with your hands so that your hair can dry more quickly. Run your fingers in your hairs again & again.
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6)    When you wash hair then Condition your hair can help you to dry fast. Because conditioner never allow water to stay on hair for a long period of time. It create layer around hairs & consequently your hair dry faster.
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7)    You can sit outside in sun or wind it will help you to natural hair dry.

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