Different Ways To Get Fair Hands In Few Days

| March 25, 2017

Girls went to the extreme to have white face but the thing to remember is not to forget your hands and feet. Your hands in darker tone than that of face can demolish all your grace and it will leave very bad impression upon others.

Neat, clean and delicate looking hands will show the feminism look and it will also make you look confident. You do not need to go salon for getting white hands but you can make your hands white at home with certain remedies. Some of the methods are given here:


Turmeric contains such curcumin that makes the melanin production in the skin less and helps to remove the discoloration. The use of turmeric is coming from ancient times and it is the most popular and secure ingredient that helps in giving whitening glow to skin. There are two methods of using turmeric for skin whitening and that are described here:

Method 1:

In 1 cup of boiling water mix 2-3 turmeric sticks and boil until half cup of water left behind. Leave it to cool and then add 2 tbsp of aloe Vera gel and 3 tbsp of coconut oil in it. You can apply this on hands and feet too and after one an hour wipe off with lukewarm water. This will not only make your skin healthy but also make that glow.

Method 2:

Using cold water make a paste mixing turmeric in it. Apply this paste on hands and doing this method for seven days you will see magnificent result.


Lemon is a natural bleacher and with salt it can remove all kind of blemish making the skin glow and become white. On half piece of lemon sprinkle some salt and rub it on your hands. It is best for exfoliation which is necessary to remove the dead cells from the skin.

Lemon and salt ill act as natural scrub for hands and also for feet. Apply a good moisturizer after exfoliation to avoid any kind of dryness and itchiness from the skin. A thick layer of the mixture containing 2 tbsp curd, 4 tbsp gram flour and lemon juice will also give an excellent result in 15 minutes.


Cucumber is the ingredient that gives soothing effect to hands making the skin feel fresh. Make a ream with consistency mixing a small size cucumber two spoon of aloe Vera gel. Give a massage of this cream to your hands and see a visible result within a week.

Another way of getting white skin is by making a mixture of 4 tbsp cucumber, ½ squeezed lemon juice and 2 tbsp of gram flour. Apply this thick mixture on hands and after it become dry rinse off with cool water.

Lemon, cucumber and turmeric powder:

In getting rid of dark skin the anti-oxidant characteristic of turmeric and vitamin C in lemon and cucumber will help a lot. 2 tbsp of lemon juice, 2 tbsp of cucumber juice mix with ½ tbsp of turmeric powder will make a whitening pack for you. Apply this mixture on hands and leave for 20 minutes to dry. You will see visible result within two weeks.


Almond is used in various skin products due to its property of skin rejuvenating and skin lightening. It is a great source of vitamin E. Grind 3-4 almonds in morning that you have soaked for the whole night. Removing their skin grind them and make a mixture by adding 4-5 drops of lemon juice, one teaspoon milk and one teaspoon o gram flour.

After applying this mixture o hands massage your hands in circular motion. Wash your hands after the leaving mixture for 15 minutes.

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