Different Types Of Eyebrows Shapes For Different Face Shapes

| March 15, 2017

Eyebrows are one of the most important and prominent part of your face as they enhance the beauty of your face and looks.  Wee shaped and well groomed eyebrows perform the role of a frame for the eyes and help to highlight the features of your face.

Eyebrows can make your look more youthful, young and charming. To shape your brows is an essential part of self grooming and for this it is important to know about the exact shape of your face. If you want to look beautiful then shape your brows according to your face structure.

Everyone has a different face shape along with different and unique features which describe their beauty. Some people think that to make a different look a unique hair cut or hair color is the only option, obviously it is true but the other major facial feature which can give you a different look are your Eyebrows.

We cannot change our eyes shape, nose and lips but we can change the shape of our Eyebrows to look more beautiful but keep this thing in mind that carry the rifght6 shape of your brows according to your face shape. Here are different Eyebrows shapes and we will tell you that which kind is best for your face.
People with oval face shapes are the luckiest because this face shape is known as the best face shape so there is not specific shape of Eyebrows for oval face shape. If you have an oval face then you can shape your brows in any shape as light arched, soft angled.

Soft angled shape will give your face round look rather than too oval and it will give your eyes a straight but bit curved frame so your wider forehead will look quite normal in width.

If you have a long face, then avoid the arch eyebrows because it will only make your face longer. To make your face look rounder, keep your eyebrows shapes flat, flat eyebrows with a slight downward curve or without curve tends to reduce the length of your face and this is the perfect shape of eyebrows for long face.

For round face, high arched or sharp arched eyebrows are the great option, it will make your face look longer and give an illusion of a slender face and if you don’t like the sharp arched then you can go for soft arched shape.

In heart-shape face, there is a pointed chin and because of the petite jaw line and emphasis on the upper portion of the face, it is important to keep brows well groomed.

In order to make your look soften, go for a round shape of your eyebrows and keep your eyebrows a little thick and full to make your forehead look not too wide.

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