Dangerous Effects of Black Henna for Skin

| October 15, 2015

Black henna is used to make super cool tattoos and designs on different parts of body mostly on hands. The trend of black mehandi is now at its peak. But it has dangerous effects as this paste contains harmful chemicals that directly affect the skin and as a result blister, swelling and itch. The black mehandi is applied on hands to make beautiful designs on different events and occasions. This mehandi colors the hands rapidly that’s why very popular to fascinate the youth specially.
Black henna contains with para-phenylenediaime chemical with high quantity that is very risky for skin. If you use this once in a lifetime you can be suffered from the bad effects. When it is applied on skin it affect the epidermis and enters into the blood disturbing liver and kidneys. It influences skin with allergies and blister to skin. You feel to start rash and pain and skin swells. Health care associations has condemned and banned the uses of the tar dye chemical used in black henna. I personally have an experience of my friend who used the black mehandi on her wedding and the instant change was in the result of reddish skin and pain. She had a proper treatment and this scarred me so much that now I can’t think to apply this dangerous and risky henna to my skin. Don’t play with your skin and avoid the use of deadly black henna.

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