Christmas tree Décor Idea for 25th December

| November 12, 2015

How I can Decorate Christmas tree at Home? Easy Ideas

Christmas is an event that is celebrated by the Christian society in all over the world where Christian lives on annual bases. It is a day when Christian people wear new clothes, they visit church, they enjoy great family meals, they give gifts to each other & they arrange parties & dinners for their friends & family members. It is celebrated not only ion one day but its celebration lasts for almost 15 days. It is a festival when people like to illuminate their homes with lights. They want to decorate their homes, streets, offices & roads. From charismas point of view, the Christmas tree décor is most important. So, today I am going to discuss only the Christmas tree décor ideas with you.

1)    First of all you need a tree like plant. The size selection depends on you.
2)    Second step is to trim this tree like a Christmas tree. Thin from top but becomes wide as you move below.
3)    If you never find a tree like original plant then don’t worry just go into the market & buy an artificial Christmas tree according to your budget.
4)    Now you also need to buy some decorative materials for decorating the tree such as lights, ornaments, starts, balls, ribbons etc.
5)    You can buy either led lights, bubble lights, globe lights etc. lights comes in different colors & sizes. Choose one that is appropriate for you tree.
6)    When you want to décor a Christmas tree with lights, ribbons & ornaments then you have to follow an order.
7)    First décor the tree with light.
8)    Secondly, add ribbons on tree either in vertical pattern or in horizontal pattern.
9)    Third hang ornaments on the tree.
10)    Fourthly, you can add garlands on the tree if you like.

You can decorate a Christmas tree by keeping an exclusive theme into the mind. For example, a red & white Christmas tree, green & blue theme, snow theme & so on. Don’t neglect the back of the tree. Always, try to Décor the tree from all the sides. Whether you want to décor an original Christmas tree or an artificial, from the following photo gallery you will surely find best ideas & inspiration.

Décor Christmas tree by Hanging Ornaments & Stars:

christmas tree decor with stars & ornaments

Christmas tree Decoration with Lights:

christmas tree decoration with lights

Hang Little Packed Gift Boxes on Christmas tree:

Décor Christmas tree with Dancing Dolls:

dancing barbie christmas tree decor

Christmas tree Decoration Idea with Ribbon:

decor with Ribbon Chritmas Tree

Green & Blue Christmas tree Décor:

green & blue christmas tree decor

Green Christmas tree:

merry christmas green tree decor idea

Outdoor Large Christmas tree Décor Idea with Lights:

outdoor christmas tree decor

Pink Christmas tree Decoration:

pink bubble christmas tree

Red & White Christmas tree Decoration:

Red & white theme Christmas Tree Decoration

Snowfall Christmas tree Idea:

snow fall christmas tree

Sugarplum Christmas tree:

Sugarplum Christmas tree decor

Little White Christmas tree:

white christmas tree

Don’t forget to capture the photo of such beautifully decorated tree & upload on social apps  or share with your friends & family members who cannot join you on this Christmas. After decorating a tree, you need to choose a best place to display this decorated tree so that you can collect lots of appreciations from others.

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