Choose Right Size & Frames of Glasses by Keeping your Face Shape in Mind

| November 21, 2015

How to Choose Ideal Sunglasses & Eyewear for Face Shape?

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Mostly, boys, girls, men & women use sunglasses & eyewear for different purposes such in summer sunglasses use to protect your eyes from the hot rays of sun, you use this accessory when you visit beach, you like to wear eyewear when go on journey so that you can protect your eyes from dust & dirt. Some are restricted to wear eyewear due to their weak eyesight & some wear this accessory because they want to look stylish, modern & a fashion follower. I believe that eyewear is an accessory that is always in fashion.

But you ever try to think why some people look more gorgeous & graceful in eyewear but on the other hand some look very funny, odd & strange? Why it happens? Well, the answer is very simple. When someone choose an eyewear by keeping his/her face shape into the mind then he/she actually choose accurate & this one flatters on his/her face & ultimately looks impressive & decent while on the other hand those people who choose an eyewear without any thought they usually feel embarrassment into the crowd due to their wrong selection.

So, today, I am here for your guidance on how you can choose right & accurate eyewear or sunglasses by keeping your face into the mind. For this purpose first of all you need to determine your face shape whether it is round, long/oval, heart, square etc. Take guidance from the following picture & determine your face shape by looking into the mirror.


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The people with round face shape, if choose round shape glasses then this is the worst selection because round glasses are not for them. Similarly consider the square shape face people; if they choose square frame glasses then it is a bad selection.
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Actually by selecting glasses you need to balance out your face shape. For example if you face is round then you need to choose glasses that can reduce the roundness of your face such as square, rectangular & wayfarer are best for round  face shape people.
The square face shape people can wear oversize or cat eye glasses.
The heart face shape can wear cat eye, aviator, wayfarer etc.
Oval face shape is an ideal face shape. You can wear any style of eyewear because it can go best with your face. For more ideas look below into the pictures!
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