Best way to Blow Dry Hair Perfectly

| October 14, 2015

If you have a day out or to go somewhere at night then blow dry is the better option to keep hair stay at one position all the time. Women mostly not aware the right way of blowing dry hair and heat the hair too much as it creates damage. It is said that ironing hair can lose the natural beauty of hair so avoid giving heat but today I will tell you how you can blow dry hair in a way you save hair by heating too much. There are many products available at markets that help you to blow dry.
•    Wash your hair with the moisturizer shampoo containing protein.
•    The shampoo will moisturize your hair and that will keep you save from the heat of dryer.
•    Wrap the towel and to stop the dripping towel off slowly and slightly.
•    Don’t rub towel harshly to hair as the friction between towel and hair creates split ends which affects the growth of hair.
•    Absorb or soak the dripping water into towel but it should not be completely soaked into.
•    Use a wide tooth comb always.
•    Don’t try to blow dry hair together separate them into sections so that it can be done easily.
•    You can use catchers to bend hair.
•    Now start blow drying one by one section of hair
•    Always blow dry downward don’t try to do this upward it damages hair.
•    You need your hair leave some moisture with a little bit damp.
•    To give your hair style give a blast of cold air to have extra shine.
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