Best Styles of Shorts to Wear with Lehanga if you have Large Tummy

| March 22, 2016

Lehanga designs for fat ladies:

Dealing with problematic areas is enormously big problem specially hen you have to look well shape and gorgeous. Figure conscious ladies always try to manage their body in well shoe but there are some reasons that have maximum chances to disturb your ideal figure. One of most terrifying issue n this respect is large tummy. After birth of child, due to over eating and from a desk job, in ladies are bound to bear large tummy which easily spoil their grace and beauty.
We become confined to wear some specific styles of dresses when we have large tummy. Fat body doesn’t allow us to wear fit and glamorous outfits. Ladies who have large tummy often avoids lehanga, saree, maxi and other traditional style outfits. Talking in this regard here we are sharing some excellent ideas to pair right style short with lehanga if you have large tummy. Lehanga is tremendously exciting outfit style but ladies who have fat rummy often avoid it due to fear of looking ridiculous. But from these highly will and working ideas you can wear lehanga style dress at special celebrating events without any hesitation.  If there is some special wedding celebration in your family and you are eager to wear lehanga outfit then stay with us and take some beneficial information regarding the shirt selection which you will pair with lehanga to hide our large tummy.

    Select a draping style long shirt and avoid any type of extra embellishing work or wide print pattern. Slight embellished draping style shirt with well designed lehanga will be excellent to hide the large tummy and to create the expression of fine figure.

    Add the technique of wide hemline in your shirt which is going to be paired with lehanga. Wide hemline will automatically cover large belly in its flaring expression. Avoid fit and short hemline when you rte healthy, it will produce very odd and awkward expression.

    To over the large tummy, one of most effective tip is lyre stitching pattern. Select a shirt that has lyre designing. Double lyre flowing style shirt will be excellent to produce desired fashion grace and it will also reduce the expression of large tummy excellently.

    Another designing technique to deal with fat belly is selection of asymmetrical cut shirt. Your large tummy will hide in asymmetrical stitching designing exclusively. Long asymmetrical cut shirt will do the job as double edge sword. It will boost up fine magnificence of classy style at the same time it will also diminish the appearance of your large belly.

    In designing demonstration you can select a vertical designed shirt to produce the slim effect pf your boy. Horizontal print or designing vision will highlight the problematic areas while vertical designing will add the charm of slimness in shirt. Flare and vertical designing are terrific selection to look well figure and tall.

    Avoid short length fit shirt when you have large tummy it will boost up odd expression of fatness. Select a below the knee shirt in flowing designing and pair it with flare lehanga. In flowing designing and below the knee length, you large tummy will exclusively screen and you will find confident look of well figure personality.

    Ladies who have large rummy should avoid pastel hues; go with dark shades to produce the slim effect. Dark shaded are proven by designs or stylists to deal with short height and fat bodies. Select a long dark shaded shirt to pair it with exclusive lehanga and enjoy the charisma of gorgeous personality at celebrating events.

1 drapping pattern with lehanga 2 wide hem shirt 3 double lyre shirt with lehanga 4 asmyatrical style shirt with lehanga 5 vertical Wedding Lahenga (4) 6 below the knee shirt 7 dark shaded shirts with lehanga

Friendly tip:

what so ever style of shirt, you are picking for lehanga, keep it loose. Fit shirt will clearly divulge your problematic belly so go with fine loose shirt to look classy and well figure.

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