Basic Makeup Tips And Ideas For All Girls

| March 22, 2017

Every lady whether she is a girl or middle age woman wants to look beautiful and it is the part of female nature that she always wants to get praised form others. To make her look beautiful she does different things as she wears beautiful dresses, footwear and jewelry also and comes to these things don’t forget to talk about makeup.

Makeup is the most important element of any female’s life because it gives them totally change and beautiful look. A right makeup can change you overall look but on the other hand bad makeup destroys your natural and actual beauty too.  So here in this post we are giving you basic makeup ideas for semi forma, formal and casual events to make your look beautiful and gorgeous.


Start with the foundation and first choose the right shade of foundation according to your skin type and complexion. Before applying foundation use a primer because a primer helps to keep your foundation in place and keeps the makeup intact for long hours.

Try to apply the foundation on your face and neck with finger tips and blend it well with a brush, sponge ort finger tips. Start from the center of your face and also apply it on the other areas and blend it outwards.

For a glowing look you can use a high lighter on the higher planes of the face such as the cheek bones, bridge of the nose and in the center of the forehead and the Cupid’s bow.

Eyes makeup:

Paint your eyelid with gold or use some charcoal shade on the exterior lid.
With carful placement of eye shadows you can make your eyes appear wider and more prominent. Determine the shape of your eyes and then accentuate them accordingly with right shades. Line your waterline with white color pencil as white works well on fair skin tone.

Use a brush to lift up your top lid and then sweep the mascara wand through the roots of your lashes and wiggle the brush lightly to make sure the mascara does not clump together at the base, pull gently through your lashes as you work your way up.

Blush on:

Apply blush on while smiling on the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion and sweep it towards the top of ears and down towards the jaw line.


Trace an eyebrow pencil along the top of your brows for an instant facelift and don’t make your eyebrows too dark because this will make the face look too heavy, hooded and tired.


For even lipstick application, start at the Cupid’s bow and extend out to the corners of the mouth before blotting and just to create a shape for lipstick to follow. It is perfect when you run it over the top lip to help prevent your lipstick from feathering outwards.

Get the right shade of lipstick according to your complexion, dress and event also. Opt for bright red, corals, pinks, nude or anything that compliment the complexion in a healthy way.

Ladies with thin lips should line their lips along the natural line with a color match to their skin tone and plump-lipped women should line the natural lips line with a darker shade.

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