Amazing Tricks that Will Make your Shoes more Comfortable

| March 9, 2016

There is massive stuff and creativity that can lead to a little change in human life and human can make his life and lifestyle much better. We are here to share with you impressive and less time seeking tricks that will motivate your mentality toward level of satisfaction and improve your style as well. We have elected utmost interesting tricks that are regarded with your styling statement.

Our current discussion is about to make your shoes more comfortable to wear and also to protect them with several severe circumstances as well. For today we found something more interesting that will probably work upon your problem regarding shoes. We will discuss upon even wonderful useful tips that will make your problem almost disappear. Take a review and enjoy.

Sandpaper sole for fine traction:


Just pick a sand paper and make a little soul of it. It would be more beneficial for tracking and well and give you support while doing the job.

Tape your 3rd and 4th foot finger together to tap high heels:


Tape out your third and fourth finger toe together, that will give out a little lift to your foot and prevent you from any misbalance while wearing high heels.

Hack to fix squeaky shoes:


Just add little bit of talcum powder into the upper layer of shoes. Thos will help you prevent the squeaky effect and sound from your shoes.

How to make your shoes waterproof


Just take a bee wax and apply it on the sole and upper layer as shown in the image. This will prevent water for causing any damage to your shoes.

How to prevent odor from shoes:


Just put out dry tea bags in shoes that will more likely to be prevent unpleasant odor from your shoes.

How to stretch tight shoes:


Just add pair of socks in the tight shoes and then heat it up with a blow dry. After doing it several time, you will probably got your result.

How to widen the boot:


Just take a newspaper, roll it and place it in the shoes and leave it for some time. This will probably help in widening the mouth of boots as well.

How to fix slippery heels


Just take a piece pg cloth and cut it in a shape of your shoe and glue it out. This will probably fix the slipper heel effect and prevent you from having and mishap.

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