5 Harmful Reasons to Avoid Makeup in daily Routine Life:

| October 13, 2015

As all we know that women are love to do makeup. There is no one any event where the women are not done the makeup. But this fact is kept in your mind that makeup gives you a bad stamp on your face forever. It may be energetic, gives you the side effect, causes skin diseases and other many more. Here we have 5 reasons to Avoid Makeup in Daily Life routine. Let’s have a look to these reasons as:

1.    Cause cancer other deadly illnesses:
Makeup in daily routine cause a big reason of cancer and this disease reached on danger level even you dead in this disease. Other fatal illness is also cause from the usage of high chemical cosmetics.

2.    Harmful for head skin:
Everything is looking perfect when it is not short or too long. Same like this quotation, makeup excessive use gives you in a danger zone. Coal tar colors, phenylenediamine, benzene and even formaldehyde are some of the toxins commonly found in shampoos and in skin creams and even in makeup kits.

3.    Harmful for Hormone:
Cosmetics on skin released the dangerous harmful chemicals which are highly generated the terminal facts and effects on hormones. It is a big problem now a day is that there are a large number of girls having the hormones problem and its cause from makeup in daily routine life.

4.    Sensitive mucous membranes of skin:
We have many Sensitive mucous membranes of skin and it does communicate the fresh air to our skin. If we use the excessive makeup in daily life then its cause the energetic to the skin and close the poses of mucous membranes of skin and no communication of air and dangerous fatal illness are generate from cosmetic use.

5.    Harmful for eyes:
The toxic chemicals are release from the skin creams, hair spray, body spray, hair dye and from bleaching. These are causes to the blindness of eyes and redness and also energetic to the eyes forever. So, keep away yourself from the makeup and be original and care of yourself a lot because life is only one.

5 Reasons To Avoid Makeup In Daily Life routine

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