5 Basic Tips for Going to a Modern Pakistani Wedding:

| October 10, 2015

Every state having their A class and middle class communities in it. Therefore the trends for the A class wedding function and middle class wedding function is quite different. There are elite types of preparations on wedding in A class society wedding function. It’s gona to be a modern, trendy, marvelous and rocking wedding for everyone included bridal & groom. If you are going to a modern wedding you must seen these five essentials in wedding. Let’s have a look to these 5 tips to a modern wedding as:

1)    Decoration of modern wedding hall:

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First of all there is an initial step for every wedding is decorations. In modern wedding, there is also very attractive and fantastic decorations are done for making the center of attraction. The curtains, flower bouquets, ceiling curtains, walking path and lighting are the parts of a modern wedding.

2)    Selected the best designers dress for bridal:

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In modern wedding, the dress for bridal is must be very charming. She selected the trendy modern bridal lehenga, maxi or gown dress for wedding day. She also keep in mind that her dress must be the matched with the groom dress on wedding day.

3)    Pick up the modern look designers sherwani for groom:

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Same as the bridal in a modern wedding, the groom is also selected the matching fancy sherwani dress for wedding. He also wanted that his dress is going to match with bridal dress.

4)    Selected the modern fashioned dress, sandal & makeup:

tips to going a wedding (3)

The cousins and sisters on wedding are also very excited. They are also preferred to select the trendy designer’s dresses for wedding. They also picked the branded matching high heels with dress and on wedding day they  gives the style themselves from salons and wear the trendy makeup for attending modern wedding.

5)    Gives trendy pose to photographer: tips to going a wedding (4)

After all these happening now it’s the time to capture the sweet memories. The bridal and groom are also gives the poses for amazing photo shoots for wedding as well as the other guest on wedding are also giving the pose to make the part of the photo album of the wedding pictures. The young boys and girls are also capturing the selfies with friends and wedding couple in a modern wedding function.

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