15 Tips that a Guy should know before Meeting His Girlfriend’s Parents

| October 21, 2015

How to Meet with Girlfriend’s Parents First Time?

Meeting with girlfriend’s parents I just like your first date. So, don’t take it easy. It needs lots of effort & confidence as you show on your first date. Are you once again ready to face this situation? What? You are not ready & feeling confusion? So, I must say that this is the time to say goodbye to your worry about this meeting because today I am here with easy & super 12 tips for making your first impression remarkable on your girlfriend’s parents. So, just read these tips carefully & get ready for the meeting!
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1)    First of all & most importantly, you need to consult with your dear girlfriend. Ask about her parent’s likes & dislikes. Ask from her, what type of guys they like. Similarly, you can ask different question about her parents that may be annoying you.
2)    Now you should prepare yourself & get ready for answering the questions that her parents can ask from you about your career, job, your hobbies, likes & dislikes. Try to answer them fully & completely.
3)    Pay attention towards your dressing style. Keep it decent, graceful but a little bit casual. Your clothes should be clean. A well-pressed, neat & clean button up sky blue collared shirt with jeans is best option.
4)    The time factor is of great importance. I mean see the time whether you are going to meet her parents after your office time or on special Sunday. Soon after office time means that your dressing should be like a guy who come back home after working but your mood should not be like a tired guy but it should be fresh & warming.
5)    Try to pay attention towards your hair if a haircut is required then get it soon & make an impressive hairstyle. Don’t try spikes or puff because these hairstyles create a teenager impact. You can go with side part hairstyle, brushed up hairstyle & a hairstyle that suits you best.

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6)    Don’t smell bad when sitting near your girlfriend’ parents. So always use good smell fragrance.
7)    Don’t ignore the footwear. It should also be decent & well polished. Try to wear new footwear. Brocken & tattered footwear should be avoided.
8)    Follow the timing that your girlfriend’s parents set. Reach on time. It will leave a good impression on them. Don’t go before time or late.
9)    You should be confident when you meet them, try to take part in conversation & talk very politely. Good conversation can make your impression very strong.
10)    Don’t play with your smart phone. Use it only when you need it I mean when someone calling you & you want to tell some important thing to someone.
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11)    Try to treat your girlfriend well.
12)    Don’t try to show off your expensive accessories such as wrist watch, fragrance, clothes or footwear.
13)    Show yourself as an obedient person who give respect to others especially to elders.
14)    Try to control your habits of cutting nails, chew bubble gum, restless leg movement & so on during this meeting. These habits can ruin your personality impression.
15)    When you go back then don’t look back again & again. Just stand up, say good bye by shaking hands & by telling them how you is feeling to meet them. Praise the tasty food (its optional, use it when your girl friend on & off told you that her mother make taste food at home but before saying it confirm whether the her mother cook food at home or order from restaurant) & then go.

 Hopefully, these tips will help you a lot.

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