10 Steps of Getting Ready for a Sweet 16 Party

| October 19, 2015

The tradition of celebrating sweet 16 is in many cultures. It is a way to celebrate the teen age turning into adulthood with lots of celebrations, fun and much more. For girls sweet 16 make them sure that they are going to pre mature age and the age close to be marrying. The age contains enthusiasm, zeal and zest with enjoyment and passion. Many girls celebrate their sweet 16 party with different ways selecting theme with full of ideas. In this age a teenager has many creative ideas that’s why he must include in planning party. As far as girls are concerned they get ready in charming way to look more beautiful wearing elegant dresses of course they are entering in adulthood that’s why celebration must be in rocking way with stunning looks. Today I have some awesome ideas how you can get ready and what are the considerations you must keep in your mind so that it would be a remarkable day throughout your life.
Plan your budget first and set up all things according to the money you have. But you should keep some money aside besides the budget you are going to invest that will help you if you need more things to spend. Planning of sweet 16 party starts months before the date. This is very important to plan party without flaw so you can enjoy the party relaxing all the arrangements are complete. Invite your friends or family members a week before the party instructing about the theme you are going with in a way they get time to make preparation and costumes. by planning all the arrangements now it’s the turn how to get ready for your sweet 16 party I will give you some ideas of getting ready in 10 steps that will help you to be a stunner at that special day.
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1.    First start taking care of your skin months before the day so that you look special and stunning at that very day. If you are suffering from skin problem then immediately consult the skin specialist and take proper diet. For soft smooth skin drink lots of water.

2.    Massage hair two times in a week after all you are going to celebrate your sweet 16 and you must look beautiful completely. Apply different scalp to hair for extra shine. This will cure different hair problems like breakage, hair fall, dandruff and dryness.
3.    Now the turn is selecting your dress. This is teenage that’s why you should not get ready with too much. If you are going with a theme then it’s easy to make costume accord to that theme.
4.    You may go with Barbie dress or a prom gown to for a sweet look with the glam and shine. A Barbie dress will also be much more in this regard for a cute look.
5.    If you choose 50s or 80s look then search out the dress it will easily available in market.

6.    Do light natural makeup that will enhance your innocent beauty. Don’t apply many products to your skin that will destroy the angelic beauty.

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7.    Select comfortable shoes so that it may help you at dancing floor to dance easily.
8.    A hairstyle add stunning look to a girl. In a Barbie look mostly updo performs well. But if you held your door out party then you can go with simple open hair too. It is up to your choice what type of hairstyle suits you the most.
9.    16 is not a mature age to be embellished with heavy jewelry that’s why wear simple, elegant and delicate pieces of jewelry to make you more special. Only small earrings and bracelet can add a charm to your beauty.
10.    Last but not the least; be confident at your look. Enjoy the whole night with your friends with full of zeal by playing, dancing and eating food. Have a beautiful 16.

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