10 Ridiculous Things Men Should Avoid Immediately to Wear

| March 26, 2016

Fashion sensibility:

Good fashion sensibility is one of good gifted thing which keep you alerts about the inconsistencies and irregularities. I think it’s useless that you have lots of to spend but have not proper sensibility to go with appropriate things which can suit to your personality. Definitely no one want to spoil their look either I case of females and males. Everyone have instinctive desire to look inspiring and noteworthy. But sometimes people are noticed but not in good sense rather in ridiculous way.

Often people are adopted some odd fashion trends which produced very sorry and offensive expression. A little mistake in your dressing or accessories which you have been carried can spoil your whole look. Taking in this respect here we have something best to share. This post will prove excellent for males as we have some beneficial information regarding the skipping of those things which are not worthy to carry. These ridiculous tings are often carried by those males who are not well informed regarding fashion. In illusion to produce something unique, they spoil their grace badly. These things which we are sharing are enormously avoided and you should immediately avoid these accessories as a male. Let’s discuss these accessories or things which are forbidden for graceful masculine personality.

Pants inserted in boots:

1 fashion trends should aviod for men

Young boys are considered it as contemporary mania but it is just a big fashion mishap. Long boots are wrapped upon pants which produced very odd look and spoil the whole expression off impressive fashion personality.

Vests without a jacket:

2 fashion trends should aviod for men (1)

Stylists are greatly annoying about the intro of this strange fashion trend. Personally I also greatly surprised that how can a men look dashing by using half piece of a particular dress. Really, vest without jacket or blazer produce very abnormal expression.

Skintight jeans:

3 fashion trends should aviod for men (2)

Skintight jeans can be best for rockstar but it is not recommended for common grace. Not baggy or extraordinary skin tight jeans are preferred by decent personality. A straight stretchy in fit pant is always awesome for handsome muslin elegance.

Long V neckline:

4 fashion trends should aviod for men (3)

Is it good for decent men? Young men are wearing long V neckline to showcase their shaved chest or model like muslin body but it is not worthy for a sophisticated sensible men. Crewneck slight below your neck is best option for males.

Shoe without shocks:

5 fashion trends should aviod for men (4)

One of biggest ridiculous fashion flaw is use of shoe without socks. Don’t cross some standard limit in illusion to be trend setter. Skipping socks with shoes can’t be a fashion trend rather it was great source of laughing earlier and in present time its expression is same.

Think scarf:

6 fashion trends should aviod for men (5)

A fragile scarf is useless and hallow. It has nothing to express. No matter which exclusive fashion style is adopted to carry a fragile scarf, it will remain mishap. Always prefer a fine expression well textured scarf to produce exclusive grace.

Sneaker Wedges boots:

7 fashion trends should aviod for men (6)

Athletic style of sneakers and wedges can’t produce fine expression of exclusive boots for male. Such boots are useless because you will confuse about for which dressing style, these shoes will go.

High & low hemline:

8 fashion trends should aviod for men (7)

Hip hop fashion trend introduced high and low hem & we see some guys are wearing in copying o celebrities but greatly it is enormous fashion law. It produces feminine expression which spoil muslin grace badly. Stay away from high and low hemline and let it confine to the hip hop celebrities.

Ugg boots:

9 fashion trends should aviod for men (8)

It was great fashion mistake which was accentuated in last decade but it was not find any positive response from stylist due to its sorry expression. Ugg boots are greatly ridiculous for men especially when they wear it with shorts.

Loose tie:

10 fashion trends should aviod for men (9)

Dashing young men can look cool with loose tie when they pair it with sports shirt but it is nit recommended with suits and dress shirt. Loose tie has lazy or funky expression which is not appropriate for a sober and sophisticated young man.

Final note:

no one can better observer for your personality than your own self. Be a stylist for your own personality and select those fashion trends which you seem are best and exclusive to explore your dashing personality.



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