Stylish Shoes for Ladies in Bow Style

| November 5, 2016

Bow style is very common among the girls because it is  taken from the  butterfly shape and give you a great look when you carry it  the shoes which ate embellished with the bow style  you look so nice and this bow is not only on the shoes  rather you can see it on the  dresses ,bags , hair pins, ties  and different useable  things  are  often embellished with bow  because when you use bow then we have no need to embellish anything on it .

shoes are the main thing in the grooming of ladies after dresses because when you carry  decent and trendy  dresses then you should must go with the stylish shoes because if you carry stunning   dress and skip the good shoes  will enhance the beauty of your look  and the shoes always  be selected comfortable and  easy because  when you walk you are all depend on your shoes and  if  you carry  high heel  hard shoes it can give you mussels problem  and the leg pain  which is not good so select  the shoes  according to your foot and  complexion is much counted in the  shoes selection   and you are identified to your feet when someone see you from head to toe so here I have some bow shoes  collection for you trendy ladies.

Black color boots:


Suede  stuff black shoes with the plastic heel is looking very beautiful  high pencil heel is fully embellished  with stones in white color  and on the   side of the shoes bow is made a d decorated with the stones that is giving your shoes a fancy look this is best for the winter season formal look you can carry it with the pent shirt and the maxi and  cocktail dresses .

Sky blue color sandal:


In the  summer you should carry light color dresses  and the shoes are also matched  with the  dress blue color dress  if you are carrying the silver color sequence dress then you can go with the high heel  blue color sandal with the silver rhinestones embellished  bow on the front of the sandal strapped  peep toe  heel sandal  is looking gorgeous with the shoking pink nail paint .

Flat pumps:


The young girls prefer to carry the flat heel pumps and the  slip on  in the winter  pumps are good because in the winter it covers your feet  and easy to walk  the college and universities girls can carry the flat pumps  with  any  Capri ,cigarette pent ,tights, pajamas and the  other fitted   bottom  the  sack style fabrics  with the chiffon  stuff  long bow on the pumps is best for you.

Pencil heel pumps:


The ladies mostly keep the black color shoes in their collection of summer and winter  then  the stylish and trendy ladies  can  put on the high pencil heel  pointed  sandal   strapped is made with the black big bow   for the cocktail parties, ball gown parties and the   evening parties you can carry this shoes with slit gown ,  maxi and the skirts short and top is also look beautiful.

Casual pumps:


In the winter you  carry pumps  but it is not compulsory for you it is nice to carry it in the  summer season also  with the  casual  dresses  you can carry this sky blue color  round shaped flat pumps  orange yellow  and  blue color  braided with the  flower on the front of the pumps you can carry it with trouser, Capri,  pajamas and the jeans  because it is very easy  comfort for the walking.

Dotted sandal with bow:


Open sandal  is nice  and decent  for the decent and sweet look you can put on the dotted navy blue color   strapped sandal  is looking nice the ladies who are not  habitual to carry  the long heel then they can  go with the  flat sandal it is good for the young girls they can carry with the kurta and Capri ,top with trouser and  the  narrow jeans with the shirt  it is good for the summer and spring season.

Golden shimmered with black:


The girls who like to carry flat but fancy shoes on the functions they   should not be worried   about the   shoes then because here  I have a  shimmered shoes  in flat style  simple flat shimmered  stuff  glittery  fabric is used on the pumps  with black highlighting and the big bow  on it  which is made up of silk  that is giving you shoes a fancy formal look you can carry it with  simple silk dresses  and the  long gowns  and the sequence  dresses are also good for these shoes.

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