Stylish collection of kids shoes in the combination of black and white color

| August 30, 2016

Usually shoes are in black color and in white color and now in modern age, everyone whether a child or an adult has to like shoes match to the color of the dress. Especially parents keep this thing always in mind because they want to make their kids beautiful and want to give them a stylish look from head to toe.

And in this article we will only talk about the combination of black and white in kids shoes.
The combination of black and white in sneakers is so nice and this pair can be worn with both dresses white and black. A boy can wear it formally and casually with black and blue jeans.

Upper part of the shoe in white color is decorated with black moustaches is a unique idea and boys will definitely like this. The pair of canvas shoes is designed for both girls and boys in black and white check cloth. This will look good with jeans and pants also and it can be used casually in winters.
Black velvet is used in making the uppers of this pair and embellished with golden Racine looking good and a boy can wear it in a function or party.

Kids are happy because their shoes are decorated with led lights and when they step on the floor shoes shine like a star this thing makes the children happy. Led lights are used in making the shoes for kids of every age and this is a good idea.

Here we will discuss about only little girls footwear. Because some colors and designs are specific for girls and boys cannot carry those but some are designed for both.

The pair of this butterfly style stripe shoes in the combination of black and white is looking good.  A little girl wearing white frock with this will look like a doll and this will also look nice with a white top and black jeans. Another pair of flat stripe shoes made in printed check in black and white is designed for young girls. The pair of joggers in black color is specific because of the pink color. If your daughter will wear this with black pant and pink shirt she will look co cute.

Here are two pairs of shoes for those babies who cannot walk on the floor and always in lap. One is made in leather in black, white and skin color with skin lasses and others are long boots in zebra design that can be used in winters to keep your baby warm. Both are looking nice and trendy.
This article is good for those who like both colors black and white and when these colors together they love this combination the most. So they would love it and would like it in kid’s shoes.

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