Makeup Tips And Ideas To Cover Up Imperfections From Your Skin

| May 13, 2017

Every woman desires to have perfect and radiant skin which is quite difficult in current days. one can have pimples, breakouts, blemishes and a lot of things which women want to cover. Everyone knows that more you look gracious, more you will feel confident.

Some people go to salons and skin specialist on daily appointments as they have such money and time. But majority of us don’t have so much time and money to spend on regular basis. For those people, we have elected out some of amazing tips to cover your imperfections.

Dark under eye circles:


All you need is eye concealer, eye cream which can be one shade lighter than your actual skin tone.  Use creamy concealer as dry formula will defines your under eyes crease more. Work with a flat brush starting from under eye corner. Apply concealer only on dark areas.

Puffy eyes:


To cover puffiness under your eyes, you have to use eye gel. It will decrease down puffiness. After that, run with highlighter pen with light shimmer and glam. It will make your eyes radiant.

Cover redness:


Well if you have problem of redness under your skin, then you should apply high coverage foundation. Make sure to blend it with beauty blender because it will give nice coverage and hide your redness.

Break outs and acne:


You need to have concealer which have thick intensity and is yellow under tone. It will also help in covering redness that is caused by break outs and acne. Use a brush to dot a concealer and apply foundation over.

Age spots:


To cover age spots, you need a concealer, one tone lighter than your skin and cream or powder based foundation which suits you often along with brush. Cover dark spots with concealer and even it with finger. Apply foundation to even out everything.

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