Top 10 Infant Baby Garments

| December 5, 2014

Clothes you need for your newborn baby

To purchase first time baby clothes, always a welcome and pleasurable gift for parents. If you think ahead and buy clothes for the up-coming child then most noted point is “season”. I mean, you should guess your delivery time and then acquisition baby wardrobes according the weather.

You can buy everything a new baby needs added body suits, sleep suits, mittens, outer layers, shoes and hats before baby birth but most essential are baby wear attires that should by extremely cozy and comfy. Baby garments are generally sized as premiere, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

Some healthy infant babies have no needed of newborn premiere size they directly go 3 or 6 months sizes. Children grow quickly, so, you should always to pick up next size-up attires that are tremendously soft, roomy and durable clothes that allow your cute baby freedom to move and explore and hold up nearly things.

Here are top 10 lovely and enchanting infant baby attires that furnish extremely ease and comfy for your new born baby child. Have a lovely glance our cute and pretty cozy baby outfits.

Upper layer knitted sweater with soft shirt

1 top 10 newborn baby outfits (1)

This 3 months old baby is enjoying first winter weather and mother is covered her baby with soft stuff full sleeves inner shirt and tight  and worn upper half sleeves sweater with matching crochet shoes.

Abstract hues baby romper for baby

2 top 10 newborn baby outfits (2)

Romper is one-piece garment that usually has shorter legs or sometimes full legs that are separate from below. This summer baby romper is made with cool and chic abstract printed fabric and designed from front open style with pamper cover.

Pink skirt dress for infant girl

3 top 10 newborn baby outfits (3)

In this picture, you can see a cute innocent girl is sleeping and wearer white soft base white shirt with layers style classy skirt. Her mother covered her head with crochet white cap.

Baby romper with cap

4 top 10 newborn baby outfits (4)

Mostly readymade baby attires are come with exquisite wearing accessories such as caps, baby attires are come with exquisite wearing accessories such as caps, bibs, socks, mittens or sometimes toys. This white romper is beautifying with pink bow and theme while matching cap is decked with pink heart.

White shirt with trouser for child

5 top 10 newborn baby outfits (5)

Light shades mostly appear in baby wardrobes because these maintain child innocent and fastidious. In this picture, you can see a cute and lovely baby is worn white half sleeves shirt with trouser that has slightly sky blue touch that is making this dress charm and lovely.

Girls’ romper with accessories

6 top 10 newborn baby outfits (6)

Baby girls are also wear romper attires that looks extremely chic and fabulous. Look at this above picture, where I pasted awesome graceful and enthralling baby white base with black floral prints romper that is adorned with turquoise piping and silk heart flower. Bow style elastic headband and classy shoes are dazzling chic accessories with this romper.

Baby pink girl attire with eagle feathers

7 top 10 newborn baby outfits (7)

This light pink girl baby romper is made with extremely soft and relaxes fabric and decked from white eagle feathers motif while belly part is adorned with white frill and ribbon bow. Elastic net head band that is garnished with pink flower is matching accessory with this charming single attire.

Front open full legs baby romper

8 top 10 newborn baby outfits (8)

This single full body covered attire is made with soft and nice fabric with white and piping strips prints while sleeves are made with bubbles print material. This front open full legs romper is closed with simple small size buttons.

Twins baby outfits

9 top 10 newborn baby outfits (9)

Frequently, twins’ babies have similar faces and parent mostly pick up their identical outfits. If they keep slightly difference among their attire then it is better. In this above picture, you can see that twins’ babies are wearing compatible. One is wearer black romper while second black trouser with white mustaches shirt.

Black summer dress with polka dots trouser


This exceptional and delightful black romper is designed for cute baby girl that is enriched with “Daddy’s Girl” theme and pink fluffy ribbon. Head cap and headband both accessories are with this appealing black romper. You can also worn polka dots pink trouser with this romper.

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