Kids Face Painting Ideas for Birthday Parties

| November 5, 2014

Kid’s Face Painting:

Now days a trend which is getting popularity, among the new generation as well as kids, is the “face paint”. They like to paint their faces on various national events, parties, festivals & functions. Various cartoons, birds, animals, flags, fruits, vegetables, bicycles & lots of other things are created on the face by using different paint colors. Specially, kids like it very much. So, today, I also think to share some new ideas of painting face with you. Basically these ideas are presented for kids. You can make these designs on your kid’s face on his/her birthday. Let’s have a look!

Spider Face Paint Idea for Boys:

1 Amazing Kids’ Face Painting Ideas for birthday (13)

In this picture you can see a kid whose face is fully painted like a spider.  For creating this design, red, black & white paint colors are used. The spider web is created vey beautifully. A little spider is also created on the nose.

Butterfly Face Paint Idea for Girl:

2 Amazing Kids’ Face Painting Ideas for birthday (8)

You can create a butterfly on the face f your little girl as shown into the picture. By using black paint color the outline f butterfly is created. Then pink & ferozi color are used in it. White color polka dots are also made. Girl is looking very cute in it. It is a perfect birthday face paint idea!

Snake Face Paint Idea:

3 Amazing Kids’ Face Painting Ideas for birthday (9)

Look at this kid, a green color snake is created on his face. The snake starts from the bottom of right cheek & passing from forehead it ends on chin. The way of creation is really very amazing. This design is perfect for both boys & girls. These adventurous types of designs are actually plays vital role in order to end the fear of your kid from a snake.

Tiger Face Paint:

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Take a look at this kid who appears in tiger like face. The face paint is done by using black, orange, yellow & white paint colors. Your kid feels happy when you paint his/her face by taking inspiration from his/her favorite birds, cartoons or animals.

Birthday Face Ideas:

Some more pictures of face paint are shown below into the gallery. Just check out these & get more ideas. Before apply paint on face be sure that this paint will never harm your skin. Don’t use oil paints because these are hard to wash. You can use scale for accurate measurement & for making different designs.

Be careful when you are painting around the sensitive parts of a face such as below the eyes, on eye lid, around nose or lips etc. You can use paintbrushes for making designs, lines & dots etc. You just need to look towards each picture carefully & deeply. Then try it at home. If you feel that you can never do it then you can hire a skillful face painter. Have a look at some more pictures!

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